"Eventually you'll realize, everything that you went through had a purpose."


Edited by: @benlionelscott
Spoken by: Trent Shelton
Footage by: Nocturnal Animals, Coming on Strong, Iron Man, Avengers: Endgame, Prisoners
Music: Zack Hemsey - Fade Away


Don't let the world make you think that there's something wrong with you because of what you're going through. Everybody has their struggles. And going through what you're going through doesn't make you weak, it doesn't make you less, it makes you human. And I know it's hard when the pain chooses you. I know it's hard when you been hoping for a breakthrough, but nothing seems to come through. I know it's hard when you been working so hard for those dreams, and those dreams don't come true. I know it's hard to battle a silent battle. But I want you to know this, There's more to your life. There's more to your life than what you're going through, what you went through, and what you're going to go through. Don't let this chapter make you end your story. It's time for you to dig up all those seeds of doubt, and at this moment, replace those seeds with seeds of faith. You tell yourself, "Yeah I'm going through this, but at least I'm not dead. I'm still alive." You're still here. You're stronger than what you think. So I want you to keep fighting. You find any reason to survive right now. You find any reason to make it to see tomorrow. Because when you get free from it, what you're going through, you're gonna be one of the strongest people that your friends, that your family knows. Because you survived something. There's better days ahead, I promise you. No storm lasts forever. Just because you have some bad chapters, just because this chapter is bad, doesn't mean your story can't end well. So you keep living, you keep fighting, and you keep the faith. You make up in your mind right now that you're gonna fight with faith tonight. You make up in your mind right now that you're gonna survive tonight. Whatever it takes. Despite everything that you're going through, the storms that you're going through, the flood in your life with pain right now, find the strength inside of your weakest moment right now, that lets you know that everything is gonna be okay. Eventually you'll realize, everything that you went through had a purpose.

Fri, 7 Jun 2019
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