Are you going to remain a prisoner of your fears, or are you going to push through them and breakthrough to true freedom?


Edited by: @benlionelscott
Spoken by: Brendon Burchard, Tony Robbins
Footage by: Moviements, IANGNG, Alberto Serrano, Ever and Ever, Kinga Brocka, TECK VLOG, Evett Rolsten, brad francis, Friends and Fellows, Israel G. Vazquez, Rebecca Andrews Productions, Filmpac
Music: Really Slow Motion - Sinking Into Flames


What happens in the fearful mind, it starts asking this question, what if. What if this terrible thing happens? And we generate and we stir within our gut these acids and these fears that literally trick our mind into thinking we can't change. The reason people get stuck sometimes is they're unwilling to push their fears through their discomforts. And the reason is because they got disappointed, they got hurt, there's emotional stuck there. And all you can do is you just gotta go, I gotta push into those things. Okay I'm scared of it, but I'm gonna lean into it, I'm gonna push into it, I'm just gonna keep going until I break through. Don't avoid the fear, don't avoid the anxiety, don't avoid the trouble, they're always gonna be there. They're not gonna go away. They're always gonna be there, the question is are they in control? The question is are they at the wheel or are you at the wheel? Are they captaining your ship or you're the captain? Are you playing victim or are you playing victor into those things? That's the question. Apply that. Push again. Find something you're excited to push against. If you're stuck because of your fears, you need to give yourself permission to push into it and to say, I'm gonna get in the ring again. I don't know how it's gonna go, I'm probably gonna get punched around a little bit by life, cause I been on my ass for a little while, but I'm gonna get in there, I'm gonna learn to take the swings, I'm gonna learn how to fight, I'm gonna get back into this thing, and I'll stay in it, I'll get over it. You need to push. The mind is more powerful if you learn to direct it. If you don't direct it, if you don't shape it, if you don't condition it, it'll mess with you. It's a discipline to say, I don't negotiate with myself. I don't negotiate with my fear. You don't have to feel good to do this sh*t. I don't give a sh*t how you feel, I don't give a sh*t how I feel, I don't feel like doing a lot of things, but I always do it cause I trained my nervous system to do that. And if you would just develop that discipline, it will free you of so much, it'll help you achieve more than the people around you because most people they want to feel a certain way before they do it. Screw that. Stop the habit of thinking you have to feel good, do it anyway. Train yourself, don't negotiate with yourself. The only way through fear is massive action. It's our job to say, I wanna stand out. It's our job to say, I wanna follow my own bliss. I wanna achieve that next level for myself and for my family. And so push. Set up the habits, do the tasks, set the schedule, get the deadline, have a vision for yourself, get out of your own way, handle what's in from of you, and as you do that you'll start to see that you will accelerate. Your success will come faster, and as it does, it'll be less likely that you're gonna get stuck again. Get on a roll. It's your time.

Fri, 13 Sep 2019
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