If you're an unreasonable people, most people will laugh, criticise and hate. That means you're doing something worthwhile.


Edited by: @benlionelscott
Spoken by:

Matthew Hussey

Robin Sharma

Elliott Hulse

Footage by:

All footage used is licensed through CC-BY or from stock footage websites. All creative commons footage is listed below and is licensed under CC-BY 3.0:
Staff / Thai boxing - by Roman Kardash -
World Class | Director’s cut - by Denis Firstov -
[HHHT] Dorco PACE 2016 commercial_ 서건창편 - by hahahot -
Adidas - Like A Machine - by Asteroid M -
Московский полумарафон 2016 / Moscow Half Marathon 2016 - by JENEVA STUDIO -
# NeverQuit Drummer!! - by María Victoria De Narváez -
Tufts Football 2016 | Preseason | All In - by Evan Anthony -
Tufts Football 2016 | Preseason | Bowdoin Scrimmage - by Evan Anthony -
Synergy Global Forum - by JENEVA STUDIO -
GRAVITY - by Wissame Cherfi -
Богатырь (реклама) с лого - by INSIDE production -
Singha A Part of You - by Pete Pithai Smithsuth -
Demix | No Surrender - by Denis Firstov -

Music: Really Slow Motion and Giant Apes - Welcome To My Kingdom

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Tue, 14 Jan 2020
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