Cut out anything that doesn't support your dream. Lock down and keep your attention on that thing you want to achieve.


Edited by: @benlionelscott
Spoken by: Andy Frisella, Jocko Willink, Brendon Burchard
Footage by: Filmpac, Cave Bear Films, María Victoria De Narváez, Lester Platt
Music: Mitchell Broom - Event Horizon


When you start anything, the first step, you're excited. You're like, "Yeah I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna kick ass." And then you take another step, and another step. And you're like, "F*ck, this is pretty f*cking hard man." The enthusiasm from the beginning starts to fade out. You lost sight of the long term goal, and it faded. It faded from memory, and the passion dried up, so we stopped the daily tasks that will allow us to achieve our goals. And you begin to rationalize. "Maybe I can't. Maybe I don't really want to. Maybe this goal isn't for me." And so you give up. You let it go. And you settle. You settle for the status quo, you settle for the easy road, you settle for "Oh well." No. Don't do that. If I don't finally get my focus in check, if I keep wandering around distracted, if I keep looking at every new thing that pops up, if I keep trying every single new opportunity, if I keep saying yes to everything, if I keep listening to everybody's complaints, if I keep doing whatever they ask me to do, at some point you'll lose your life. Embed that long term goal in your mind, burn it into your soul. Think about it, write about it, talk about it, hang it up on your wall, but most important, do something about it everyday. I want that long-term goal to be so embedded in my mind that I never lose sight of it. Ever. And the little tasks, and projects, and short-term goals that you tackle need to lead towards strategic victory, winning the long war. Start working a plan to get there, and minimizing everything else. Getting very clear on the mission. Very clear on the mission. And working the plan. Everything else, guess what it gets? A no. When you do things, do them intentional. Do the things that are gonna move you forward. There's no getting around it, there's no shortcuts, there's no cutting corners, it just takes time. Focus on what you do, become the best at it, put in the time, pay the f*cking dues, and eventually great things are gonna start happening. Everyday do something that moves you toward that goal, that keeps that goal alive and insight, and in focus. However small or insignificant that step might seem, take it. Do it, make it happen. Because that goal isn't going to achieve itself. It's is all on you.

Fri, 26 Jul 2019
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