You'll only take from your life that which you think you deserve.


Edited by: @benlionelscott
Spoken by: Ed Mylett
Footage by: Eggplant Music and Sound, Maurizio De Vita, Max Goldman Cinematographer, Rupert Sanders, Paul Kumpata, mike galeck, Nieves Cabanes, Noah Conopask, La Suite Films and Media, Pentimento Color Grading, LAMUVI FILMS, Travis Hoffman
Music: Really Slow Motion - Rogue Can't Touch You


You'll only take from your life that which you think you deserve. We know what we are, but not what we may be. And the who you may be is gonna be dictated by your ability to alter your identity. Most people think their life is dictated by external circumstances. They spend their entire life trying to control what is outside of them. That is a fallacy. External circumstances do not dictate the ultimate destination of your life. It's an internal game. You and your faith are what will control the direction of your life. It's an internal identity, it's an internal belief that says, I deserve this, I deserve to be happy, I deserve to have this dream come true, I deserve to be number one. And once you believe you deserve something, then you've at least opened the door to walk into the room of success. The fastest way to change your identity, to change your belief is just to flat get to work, to flat get there earlier, to flat leave later, to just make more calls, see more people, be more relentless, just poor ourselves into the work. Because actually the hard work can in reverse impact our identity. When you start to do those things they won't do, you begin quietly to begin to believe that, oh I deserve to be rewarded in ways these other people aren't going to be rewarded because I'm doing the things others won't do. Ask yourself this question honestly, have you done everything physically and mentally possible? Have you done everything you're capable of doing? Have you been relentless and ferocious, and invested so much time, effort and energy, that inside you you know you deserve to win? Or have you held something in reserve? have you not really given it your best? Have you kind of hoped you'd get a little bit lucky or maybe you've sticked your toe in, or maybe you've given most of your heart to it, but not completely all your heart, and all your effort, and all your labor, and all your energy because you wanna have an excuse if it doesn't work. Well it's that little bit of reserve you hold back that will ultimately keep you from sitting at the table of success. To get to that table, to sit up with the big boy and the big lady table, you're gonna have to be giving it everything you've got, so that inside there's a shift that takes place that says, ah, I believe I deserve to have whatever these things are that I wanna have. You got a chance today to change that and ultimately 30 days from now, completely change what you believe you deserve. And you're a whole new person, with a whole new identity, with a whole new set of beliefs.

Tue, 5 Nov 2019
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