No one is going to do it for you. You've got to stand up up and fight for your dream.


Edited by: @benlionelscott
Spoken by: Greg Plitt, Ed Mylett
Footage by: Magnate Media, Kreitor Arthur, eko Films, Alexis Salmeron, Catherine Collins, Tim Thompson, Nico Poalillo, KellyTheColorist, Scott Salamon, Felipe Doria Machado, Nick Rapattoni, SAVE FERRIS STUDIOS, Sterntag Film, BLACK SUMMIT STUDIOS, Cleveland, Zekiah Lee, BEN EAGLETON, Pedro Martinez
Music: Secession Studios - Force Of Will


Everyone hits the ground at one point. The question is who gets back up? Failure's part of success. Someone achieves a title and everyone tries to chase that title. They never get the title. And why? Because they're chasing the title. The title's nothing, there's nothing there. It's not the materials, it's the individual that created the title. You gotta study the character. And when you study the character, you'll see failure everywhere. You'll see some dark hours man where it could've all just fell apart. Why didn't it? The belief of the individual. True as with where he's going. Kept his eyes focussed on the horizon, didn't get carried away with all the ups and downs and the bullsh*t battles of the daily. Is it are you on a journey of betterment, moving somewhere, some progressive state? Are you moving or are you sat down and giving in, throwing in the towel? Resting on what you have, not willing to take that risk? The thing is, everyone that's done it and achieved it, have failed a million times over before they finally got it. Failure and setbacks, people quitting, chargebacks, flunking the exam, that's all gonna happen. Just get ready. You're gonna have false start after false start, getting it going, then you don't, getting it going, then you don't. Don't give in to that stuff. Don't give in to the fears, don't give in to the setbacks. You're gonna have failure, it's part of the game. And when you get weak, when someone quits, when an appointment cancels, when some yahoo tells you you shouldn't be doing this, and you're not good enough, or there's something better, or whatever they tell you, you remember why you're doing it. You gotta permeating attitude that you're gonna win. You gotta have a positive outlook, you gotta be optimistic, you gotta know you're gonna win. Right now you gotta say, I'm gonna win. I'm gonna win. My life is gonna win. There's gonna be a victorious life here. Cause listen to me, the price you pay for losing here is too extreme. You have to carry the burden of failure the rest of your life. The people in life that win play offense not defense. Stop backing into everything, stand up. Bow your back a little bit. Start to walk a little different, start to be that best version of you. You can do it in your quiet way, you can do it the way you do it, but somehow they gotta look at you and go, okay I won't monkey with that one. You're gonna have to put up with some rejection, you gotta put yourself in an uncomfortable place. Listen to me, do it. Put yourself in an uncomfortable place, don't negotiate it. Don't try to navigate it in your head. Negotiation you will lose. Unrealistic people rule the world, quit trying to be so daggum realistic. Remember this, Weird: Rich, Normal: Poor. You gotta get a little road dog in you. You gotta ride up. You gotta make your dreams a reality and live a damn masterpiece.

Fri, 1 Nov 2019
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