The point in which change happens is a decision. When you decide to burns the boats, and do whatever it takes to make your dream a reality, it is done.


Edited by: @benlionelscott
Spoken by: Benedikt Ahlfeld, Tony Robbins, Andy Frisella
Footage by: 7 Artist Mgmt, Daniel Wilson, Denis Ogorodov, Joe Lopez, Johan T. Anderson, John Merizalde, Osburn, Rainwaters, Ray Pang, Thomas Kelly, Todd Heyman
Music: InfraSound - Skyscream


What force has the greatest influence on us? It is the freedom to choose. What changes our whole life is action. Why don't we take action? Fear. What do we gotta do to get ourselves to do it? We gotta make sure we push ourselves through it by making a decision. The point in which change happens is a decision. People go, "What does it take to change?" Decide. You go, "That sounds so simple and so basic, if it was that easy, I'd already have done it Mr. Robbins." No it is that easy and you're still not doing it. Because you are not putting yourself in a state to decide. See, a real decision is not like a preference, it's not like where you say, "I'll try it and see." That's not a decision. Decision comes from Latin and it means, like incision, to cut off from, decision is when you cut off any possibility except the thing you've committed to. It's like, that is it. All change happens with a choice. You wanna change your body? Change it by making a decision. I know it sounds overly simplistic, I know it's 100 times harder than that, but that's where it happens. People should all over themselves, "I should follow through, I should spend time with my kids, I should do this thing at work." Shoulding doesn't change it. When it's a must, human beings find the way. It's a must when you say I'm burning the boats. I'm talking about a real decision where you will not go back. You wanna take the island? burn the fricking boats. Take action. Follow through. Take the steps that are necessary to take an idea and translate it into reality. By one decision, you could start using your power, you could start following through, you could take this idea in your head and turn it into physical reality. What are the ideas? How you wanna, make your relationship, how you wanna influence your children, or the kind of money you wanna make, or a business you wanna start, it doesn't matter, it is available right now, all you do is decide and then follow through. Now you go, but Tony, what if I do all that stuff and it doesn't work? Guess what? You'll learn something. The question is not is it possible for you to be a millionaire, is it possible for you to have all your dreams become a reality in your lifetime? Yes it is possible. But the real question is have you made the decision? Once you make a decision and you go all in, and you saying, "I ain't quitting until I get there. I ain't giving up, I ain't giving in. I'll do whatever it take to be successful." And when you make that decision, when you look you in the mirror, when you tell yourself that, "Look, I'm through. I'll do whatever it takes." I guarantee you, That's the day your dream begins to happen.

Tue, 25 Jun 2019
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