You have one shot at life. Don't look back on your life knowing you didn't stick with your dream until the end.


Edited by: @benlionelscott
Spoken by: George Clooney, Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, Joel Osteen, Denzel Washington
Footage by: Lester Platt, No Matter Productions, Phillip Crum, Samsung, The Walk, Tyler Haft, Zoe Hawkins, Driscoll Reid, Fight Club, João Rito, Mandon Lovett
Music: Audiomachine - Wars of Faith


How much did they first pay you to give up on your dreams? And when were you gonna stop, and come back and do what makes you happy? I see guys who work at the same company for their entire lives. They clock in, they clock out, and they never have a moment of happiness. You have an opportunity. This is a rebirth. Most people when they die, you can literally put under their names, dead but not used up yet. Because most people go through life holding back. Not giving their all. 85% of people in life allow their fear of failure to outweigh their desire to succeed. See, we're not supposed to tuck our dreams in on the pillow when we get up in the morning. We're not supposed to leave them at home and go and fulfill somebody else's dream, we're not supposed to do that, that's not what we're wired to do. That's not who we are. Your human spirit doesn't care about the economy. The human spirit doesn't care about the past. Your human spirit doesn't care about any of that. Your human spirit simply says, what's our command for tomorrow? What do you want to create? It's not keeping score, your brain is keeping score. Cause your brain is designed to keep you safe. Your soul, your intuition, your human spirit is designed to make you soar. And when you get to the edge of that stage, your brain will always tell you to step back, because you could fall. so you have to be willing to play between your brain and your soul. And on some days you gotta just listen to your soul. And you gotta say, I'mma leap. Because only three things can happen, you're either gonna jump and fly, or you're gonna jump and fall on something soft, or you're gonna fall down hard, either way, you're gonna get back up. You already know you got what it takes to get back up. See, if you want to make it in life, here's how you can begin to make your goal ladies and gentlemen, decide to make your life a great experiment. Most people wanna be perfect when they come out the gate. Most people wanna do things right all the time, you're not gonna do everything right. You're gonna make a lot of mistakes, you're gonna have a lot of failures, you're gonna have a lot of struggle, you're gonna feel dumb and ask questions, and not know what to do or where to go. And that's part of growing, that's part of the experimentation process. See, life is about living, life is about growing, life is about challenging yourself, life is about stretching. "What if you don't make it?" So what? I'm enjoying the trip. You only live once, so do what you feel passionate about. Take chances. Don't be afraid to go outside the box. Don't be afraid to fail big. To dream big. This is your time, this is your moment, your destiny is calling out to you. You have to make up your mind, you're not gonna let people talk you out of it, circumstances discourage you, delays cause you to give up, you're going to stay focused on your goal. If there's something you want to do, don't live like you have a thousand years to live. Decide that you're going to experiment with your life, decide that you're going to take some chances. This dream that you're thinking about, this goal that you have in your mind, this vision that you have of yourself, if you embrace this, ladies and gentlemen, it will change your life.

Fri, 17 May 2019
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