You're not a failure until you quit.


Edited by: @benlionelscott
Spoken by: Robin Sharma, Elliott Hulse, Eric Thomas
Footage by: Benz Creative Media, Andre Alfinitto, George Roberson II, andy mckenna, Matt Blank, Jan Stone Alvaro, Grau Serra, Eli Goldstein, Pijama Studio, WHISKY FILMS, MIKE & NICK, Juan B Justo, TBWA Worldwide, Doug E. Porter, Filmsupply, stephaun perry
Music: Sons Of Pythagoras - One Man's Thunder


When you fall ask yourself this question, what's the opportunity here? We all face very hard times. You could lose your parents, you could lose your children, you could be flat broke and hungry. And each one of those, each one of those aren't arbitrary. It is purposeful. It is set there for your growth. And you have a choice, you can be a victim and you can let it break you, or you can actually ask yourself, how can I use this time in darkness, which will not last, because you know this, dark times never last, the real question is, how can I leverage the pain, how can I leverage the darkness, how can I leverage the heart break so it makes me stronger? So that you shift from being the person you once we're before the crisis to a whole new level of wow. That's what life is about, life is engaging in all of those really difficult situations for your growth, because always on the other end of that pain is a stronger version of yourself. Even if you fail, and fail, and fail, and fail, if you get knocked in your face 10 times, you're not a failure until you quit. Put yourself in desperate situations just so you can grow. That's when you produce your greatest work. That's when you become the strongest version of yourself. If you have an easy road towards becoming the strongest version of yourself, trust me, you haven't gotten started. There's some things that are gonna happen to you and happen for your life that will never happen if everything goes well. Your pain will produce stuff. You gotta stop thinking that you can't get back, and I want you to get up. You gotta get up. If you've been knocked down, if you've gone through trials and tribulations and they knock you on your back, I'm here to tell you that it's not that hard to get back up again. I'm stretching you, I'm telling you you can get up, I'm stretching you, yep you been hurt, yep your man left you, yep your woman left you yep you lost your job, you absolutely right, it hurt. But get up. I know it hurts, and if I could I would tell you just to stay there. But what happens when you don't use it, you lose it. I know you been hurt, I know you been through a lot, but I'm telling you get up. Why? Cause you can. It ain't that hard. You can get up, as matter of fact, not only can you, you gotta get up. You gotta get up. You can do it. You can get your integrity back, you failed, you messed up, but you can get your integrity back. Now get up.

Fri, 15 Nov 2019
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