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1. Go to your PayPal Settings.
2. Click Payments.
3. Select Automatic payments.
4. Select the Ben Lionel Scott in the list of merchants
5. Select Cancel next to Status
Trouble accessing downloads page
If you're having issues accessing through the access page, try accessing via the latest secret link which has been sent to you via your PayPal email address.

If you have recently subscribed, please check back soon, as new subscribers are added within 24 hours.

You will recieve an email to your PayPal email address when you have been added to the site.

If any issues persist or you can't access the downloads for a different reason, please email me for further help:
Alternatives to using PayPal
You can also sign up and recieve the same benefits by becoming a Member on YouTube or Patreon.
Cancel membership on YouTube
Follow the instructions here under the Update or cancel a channel membership section.
Cancel membership on Patreon
Follow the instructions here.
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