When you embrace the struggle, you'll forever be successful.


Edited by: @benlionelscott
Spoken by: Gary Vaynerchuk, Jocko Willink, Greg Plitt
Footage by: Filmpac, Egor, GIG_IAN, Dogs Can Fly Content Co, Victor Velasco, Michael Deane, Marc Gallifa Giraldo
Music: Really Slow Motion and Giant Apes - Until The Last Breath


I always think that a true entrepreneur loves the process more than the riches. I don't give a sh*t about the stuff that comes along. It's nice to have money, it's great. But the game, is my drug. There will never be a game over for me, there's no dollar amount. The game, the process, the climb, that is the drug that drives me. Competing is my oxygen. People want stuff. They want the car, they want the jet, they want stuff. I don't want stuff. I want the sweat, and the pain, and the gratitude, and the happiness that comes along with the work. I want the work. I don't want the stuff. To me, it's not about winning. It's the battle itself. It's the struggle, it's the daily test, that's what life's about. I want to struggle. I want to grind, and claw, and scratch, and I want to dig in, and I want to push. And I don't want it to end. Because that makes me tougher. That makes me harder. I don't want to coast. And I don't want to reach a point in my life where I say, "I've done enough. I'm not gonna give anymore." No. That relentless cycle of day-to-day challenges, they aren't maddening to me, they don't frustrate me, they inspire me. Inspire me to drive, and push more, and to push harder. So I say, dig in, and get to pushing. The adversity, the failures, the grind, and the wear and tear that it takes to make change a reality. It's supposed to be that way. It's not supposed to be an easy sail of life. No change for the betterment ever is. The reason that you either make it or not make it, is a mindset. I go into the endeavor knowing I'm going to see the hardships and the headaches along the way, I welcome that. They don't surprise me, I expect them. That weak mentality is the old you coming back. Don't listen to that. You shoulder the weakness. You've gotta sideline those thoughts. Go into these endeavors knowing It's gonna get worse before it gets better, accept that, welcome that. That should just wake you up everyday, "Yes. I'm doing something right. I'm on the right path." And the process, that you're going for it, that's where you really find out you're living.

Tue, 12 Mar 2019
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