Are you going to do it in 2019 or just talk about it?


Edited by: @benlionelscott
Spoken by: Jamal Bryant, David Goggins, Rich Roll
Footage by: Jonah Ingram, Stept Studios, Under Armour, Factory Studios, TriLife, ESPN, Justin Derry
Music: Moon and Sun - Beyond


Although New Years is a season for fresh starts and beginnings, only 23% of New Years resolutions are held through the year. This is largely because we fall within the knowing versus doing gap. If you wanna be great, If you wanna be great, if you want to be the baddest motherf*cker ever at what you do, you're gonna be misunderstood by everybody. Because you're gonna be so f*cking obsessed and so driven to get there, that's what it takes. and so driven to get there, that's what it takes. It takes every second of your f*cking life. Anybody that says balance, Anybody that says balance, yeah balance is important for a lot of people. It is. But if you want to go to that edge where people do not like you, they don't understand you, question everything that you do, you've arrived. When you are misunderstood to the point where people think you're psycho, and you're nuts, and you're this and that, "Why are you in the gym at 1 o'clock in the morning? what is wrong?" You will never understand. And that's why I'm so glad you don't. When people don't understand you anymore, you're in that spot of obsession and drive. I hear so much talk, I don't hear a lot of work. It's not going to happen fast. It takes a lot of patience, a lot of time, and a lot of pitfalls, a lot of plateaus. So you have to always be willing to work. We want to skip forward to peace. "Let's skip all this pain and suffering and misery of real life, let's cover it over, with a nice big blanket, and let's find peace." No. It's not possible. You gotta go to war with yourself before you find peace. It is miserable to get up everyday, when it's snowing, not sunny, not comfortable, to go in the gym and workout when you don't want to go to the gym, it is not fun. It's a hard journey. It's a real journey. It's a journey that's going to take you way outside of being comfortable. If you want to find peace with yourself, self esteem, all of these things are gonna be found only through sacrifice, getting uncomfortable, and putting yourself in situations that you don't want to do. How badly do you want to change your life, and what are you willing to endure to craft that life that you aspire to have? Or do you just want to talk about it? You have to go beyond writing your vision, to executing your vision. You done had the idea, but you have not worked it. But this is the year I need you to start working the plan, working the vision, executing your call, executing the idea executing the dream, executing what it is that you have imagined. I need you to declare it out loud, "I've gotta make this work."

Tue, 8 Jan 2019
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