Keep fighting. No matter what.


Edited by: @benlionelscott
Spoken by: Jocko Willink
Footage by: Filmpac, The Grey, Wissame Cherfi, Jeremy Cournyea, Mitchell Kneefel, Adidas, Jesse Aragon, David Helmut, Ricky Lorenzo, Bohemis Coprus, Rebecca Andrews Productions, Israel G. Vazquez, Nike
Music: Really Slow Motion and Giant Apes - Fight No More


To anybody out there that feels there's nowhere else to go, there's no way out, and they don't have any more options. It's pretty easy to feel beaten. But I think no. I think no, I think keep fighting. You keep fighting, and you keep fighting, and you keep fighting, no matter what. And you never quit. You never, never, quit. And if you feel like you're life is in a place where you can't get any lower, and you don't think you can find any way out, good. Cause that means the ultimate challenge is ahead of you, it means you can only go up. And it also means that things are gonna be tough. Things are gonna be tougher than anything you can imagine. But that storm that you're in, from your perspective, it seems like that storm is eveloping the whole world. But I'm telling you, it is not. The storm that you're in, it is hard to see out of that storm, It's hard to see past it, it seems like the storm is everything. But the storm is not everything. And it wont last forever. You can get out of the storm, and you will get out of the storm, and when you get out, you're gonna see the sun again. But right now, you're being tried. You're being forged, you're being tested by fire, and by pain. That's the test. Don't fail the test, don't give in, don't quit. Don't ever quit. Fight on, fight through the storm. Fight through the pain, and come out the other side stronger, and tougher, and better. A fighter. A survivor. A winner. Victorious. And free from that storm. Free from the darkness. Free.

Fri, 22 Mar 2019
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