Happy New Year! This is the year to make it happen. No more talking, no more excuses. Get to work.


Edited by: @benlionelscott
Spoken by: Andy Frisella, Gary Vaynerchuk, Eric Thomas
Footage by: Beast Editorial, Jiwon Seol, Paul McConnell, Riley Hanlon, Steeven K, Friede Clausz, Alter Ego Inc, Rogue Creative Development, Jared Fadel, Alvaro del Val, Argonaut Cycles, Bret lama, Filmsupply, Fitbit
Music: Mark Petrie - Powerbuilt


Have you done what you said you were gonna do on January 1st last year? Did you stick to your new years resolutions? Or did you just talk about doing it? Did you just tell yourself, "I'm going to do it" after Valentine's Day, or after this vacation, or on Monday? Doing anything successful, doing anything important is going to make you inconvenient. There's always gonna be a reason to wait, there's always gonna be a busy schedule, there's always gonna be something unexpected that happens, it's always going to be that way. You have to f*cking work through it. But a lot of you motherf*ckers just don't want it. It's easy to fall into the loving the idea of something, and it's hard to fall into the habits of action to actually achieve something. It's not about after the vacation, or after this, or after that, it's about right now. Now resolutions are the only thing that get f*cking results. People who succeed, stick to the plan regardless. They don't train themselves to use those as excuses. When you tell yourself you're going to lose 5 pounds, or lose 50 pounds, you need to f*cking do it. You all are curious about what the secret is, why certain people succeed, when you don't succeed. Well I'm gonna tell you why. Successful people, while you're whining and crying about how things are hard and why things aren't fair, guess what they're doing? They're doing the f*cking work. You have to commit to becoming better. you have to commit to being a person of action. You have to commit to being someone who doesn't just talk, but follows through. I challenge you guys to become people who do, instead of people who talk about doing. Make a resolution every day of your life, cause you only get one at bat. When you actually decide to make a change in your life, weather about weight or job, that's when you actually pull it off. It's religion, not tactics. Do you understand the power of one? It don't take 20 people, it don't take 10 people, it don't take five, it takes one. Step up to the plate. No more excuses, no more good reasons, no more victim mentality. Take responsibility. I don't care what happens, you do whatever you gotta do. No excuses, none whatsoever. I don't care about how many jobs you need to get, I don't care what you gotta do, make no excuse. So I'm challenging you, when you watch this video, at the end of it, make a vow to step your game up if you ain't stepping it up. Step your game up, and make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Tue, 1 Jan 2019
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