At the very end-state, what really wins it, isn't the potential of the person, it's the perseverance.


Edited by: @benlionelscott
Spoken by: Steve Harvey, Greg Plitt,
Footage by: Filmpac, Archer's Mark, LOCALFC, Federico Mazzarisi, SIGMA, Ivan Botev, Adam Walker, Sharon Cappabianca, Oliver Lau, Nike, Peter Menich, Archer's Mark
Music: Really Slow Motion and Giant Apes - The Darkest Night


Pressure does most people in. The weight of what it feels like to want to be successful every single day, over and over and over, it's just too much pressure. People crack. You've got to persevere. You must insist that this is going to happen. You got to get in there and keep fighting. You gotta be constantly at it. Everybody got to develop some dog in them. You gotta say, "I'm gonna hang in here now. I'm going to hang in here. I'm gonna keep going. I'm going to stay with it, no matter what. At the very end-state, what really wins it, isn't the potential of the person, it's the perseverance. The heartbeat of a person. That heart doesn't stop. The heart doesn't go 9 to 5 and then shutdown, it's always beating. Just like a true champion doesn't just exist in the arena, doesn't just exist in the arena, but exists everywhere else too. Those moments and inches that are won at the final hour, that make or break a win or a loss, aren't discovered there. They're discovered through thousands of hours in the training lab, when no one's watching. Do you get up and run at 5 in the morning, when it's pouring down rain? It's a person of character that values who the f*ck they are. There's no half-ass here, half-ass there, and then when it matters, "Oh I'll give it my all." It doesn't work that way. Everyone wants it, but somebody wants it more. Where does all the great sh*t that we have in our lives come from? It all comes from people, who in the face of massive adversity, decide that they're going to move forward regardless. They're going to make the thing that they want to happen, happen, no matter what anybody says, no matter how many times they get laughed at, no matter how many times they get called crazy, no matter what. They are going to make this happen. We have the ability to make the choice to be the person who rises above the sh*t. If you keep making the choice to take the things that have happened to you, and turn them into good productive things, there is no way that you cannot be successful.

Fri, 8 Mar 2019
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