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GRIND IN SILENCE · Sun, 24 Mar 2024
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To reach your big dreams and live like a winner, you need to work hard every single day. This means doing more than you've ever done, pushing past what you think are your limits. Don't listen to people who doubt you or make fun of you. Instead, keep working quietly and let your success show them they were wrong. Being the best requires a lot of effort because most people give up easily. But if you keep pushing when things get tough, you'll move far ahead of others. The key to winning is to keep going, ignore those who doubt you, and prove them wrong with your achievements. Remember, only your opinion about what you can do matters. If people say you can't do it, just show them you can.

Spoken by Jocko Willink, Eric Thomas, Les Brown, Ed Mylett. You can see more of Jocko Willink at, Eric Thomas at, Les Brown at, Ed Mylett at The music is Battlefields by 2WEI. You can see more of 2WEI at