Everybody single day people walk around just lying to themselves. They get up in the morning and look in the mirror and tell themselves that they ain't fat, when they weigh 240 pounds and can't walk up the f*cking stairs without struggling for breath. They go into work all p*ssed off, telling themselves they deserve more money 'cause they work hard, when all they do is sit on their f*cking ass all day. They tell themselves and others around them that they're gonna do this and that, or be this and that, and don't do jack sh*t to go out and make it happen. These lies are one of the worst, most dangerous things that we can do as individuals because all the while that you're lying to yourself, you ain't going nowhere. How the hell are you supposed to get motivated to get up in the morning when it's cold and dark and you're in your bed and that's soft and warm, when you're telling yourself everyday that you don't need to go to the gym 'cause you ain't fat? It's time to start getting real and honest about your sh*t. Because let me tell ya, all the while you're lying to yourself, you ain't gonna change sh*t. It's time to look in the mirror and tell yourself the truth. Whatever that truth is for you. Whatever that thing is that you been lying to yourself about, it's time to stop. Life is always giving you a test. Trying to give you a way out. Trying to give you an excuse not to show up. Well guess what? You gotta have the mentality to show up every f*cking day of your life. No matter what life throws at you, It's our responsibility to show up to the Colosseum of life. Prepare for f*cking battle. I don't care what you're going through, what life's thrown at you, it's your responsibility to find your new 100%. Take it upon yourself to do that. Stop making excuses, stop complaining, nobody's listening, the market doesn't care. Nobody gives a sh*t. You got to get in the fight, stay in the fight, see what you want, and attack it, and don't stop until you achieve your goals. When you see something that you want and you're very passionate about it, go after it. Don't let anything stop you from getting it. I don't care what the competition says, I don't care what the press said, I don't care what nobody says, to hell with you. I mean, I'm gonna win. I'm gonna be somebody. I'm gonna see this thing through. I don't know if I'm capable, nobody does. But I'm dadgum tired of looking at my life and saying Art, why didn't you try? Why didn't you just go for it and see if you can do it? Systems don't win for you, IQs don't win for you, you win. The difference is you. Life don't give you what you want, life gives you what you'll accept. If you'll accept being average and ordinary, that's exactly what you got to look forward to. If you'll accept having financial problems, that's exactly what's gonna happen to you. If you'll accept being unhappy, you're gonna be unhappy. See, winners expect to win. Winners show up and fight. Winners demand for themselves success and happiness and fulfilment. Folks, there ain't nothing you can't do if you want it bad enough.