Isn't it amazing that some people do so much with their life and other people do so pitifully little with their life? We can't blame it on circumstances, we are the ones who need to rise up and stop just blaming every thing that's going on around us, from how we were raised to the government, to this, to that, to something else. Time is too valuable to waste. And if you don't believe that now, you just wait 'til you get somewhere up in the 60s or 70s and see if you don't think that time is valuable. You think you got time. You don't know how much time you have. You keep telling yourself you got time and watch what happens. It helps you if you stop and actually think about what am I doing with the time that I have. You have to take your day and write everything you do, write that down. And you'll be like, my god, I am wasting so much time on frivolous bullsh*t it's not even funny. If it doesn't infuriate you, it should. Well, you say it's all these distractions. Well instead of blaming it on the distractions, why don't we take responsibility to not get distracted? I need you to confront you, because you're the one holding you up. I need you to control you. I need you to look in the mirror and tell you, you are not gonna do me like this no more. You're not gonna continue to sabotage me. You're not. You're not gonna keep procrastinating. You keep letting you slide. It's time you punish you. Hold you accountable and don't let you off the hook. If you live your life smart now, you can have a great future. But if you waste your time now, you know what you're gonna end up with? Nothing but regrets. Make certain that what you're doing really makes a difference. Make certain that you're spending your time on activities that are productive, that are taking you in the direction of your goal. What the f*ck are you waiting on? We sleep one third of our f*cking lives and we think we can take f*cking days off. We think we have the right to sit back and give ourselves f*cking options on which way we're gonna go in life. Time is running out. You keep on sitting around wondering what the f*ck you wanna do, you're just gonna run out of time. So make sure you do one thing, stop following the f*cking crowd. They may take time off, but you can't afford to. It's time for you to have what you're supposed to have. It's your time to write a book, it's your time to be a millionaire, it's your time to be happy, it's your time now. It's your turn. It's time for you to get where you're supposed to be and have what you're supposed to have, and do what you're supposed to do, and live life on your terms.