You're going to have ups and downs in life, things are gonna go wrong. You're gonna lose businesses, you're gonna lose jobs, you're gonna break up. And there are times when you get injured, and there are times when you get mentally defeated, and you feel like you don't wanna do it anymore. And those days go on and on, and on. Things are going to go wrong. And what you need to do is to keep moving forward. No matter what happens, keep moving forward. We all go through pain, get a reward for yours. There's some things in life you don't need no degree for, you don't need no money for it, you don't need no support for it, there's some things in life, you just gonna get through when you tell yourself, Im gonna get through this. I need you to look at that sickness that's going on in your life right now, whatever it is, I want you to say, I can beat it. I can beat it, I will beat it, I must. You think it's gonna be easy? Forget about it. Alright, don't even try to be successful, it's a wrap. It's not going to be easy. But I want you to feel that pain going through your body, and as pain leaves your body, guess what's gonna take it's place? Success. And when that thing tells you to quit, you look at it in it's eye and say, I ain't going nowhere. I will break you before you break me. You will not defeat me. You will not destroy me. I'm unbreakable now. Life is going to see how bad you want what you say you want. Impose your will on it. Life will give in to you if it knows you're serious about whatever it is that you're trying to do, life will give in to you. Whatever you start, you make sure you finish it. If you do not kill me, you will not stop my drive. No petty adversity will not stop me. I have to complete every mission that I set out on. From this day forward, set out to achieve greatness, not by looking for someone to give it to you, but by going through all of the blood, all of the sweat, all of the hard work, by going to work to set your own inner greatness free. I believe in you, cause I know it's there. No matter what anyone else's said, or how anyone else's made you feel before, it's there. So you had it harder than other people? Well then you're gonna have to work a little harder. But trust me when I say you have greatness inside you. Wherever we are, with whatever hand that life has dealt us, we have the freedom of spirit. We can go through life whining and weeping, or we can have the kind of spirit that regardless of what happens to you, you can stand up inside of yourself. You have an unconquerable soul. It can be painful, it will be uncomfortable, and that's where the growth is. When you're stretching out, when you're taking life by the collar. You're gonna get thrown to the ground again and again and again, but when you have determination, and you know that what you're doing is right, it gives you your life, it gives a special meaning and power to you, you begin to discover some things about you that you don't know you've got when you put yourself in that type of challenging situation.