There's a kind of instinct that you need to be on the lookout for, and this one is a liar. This one is a saboteur, this one is a backbiter. This is the instinct that says, you've had enough. This is the instinct that says, you you've given it your best shot. You can stand down. You can back off. You can take a knee. This is the instinct that says, it's okay to stop. It's okay to settle. It's okay to give up. You can rest now. That's the instinct that's a defense mechanism. It wants to give you an out. A place to run to. And that is the instinct you need to fight, you need to push back, to smash into the ground. Don't negotiate with weakness. You're in charge. Do not listen to that instinct. That instinct is a liar and wants to bring you down. Stop for a minute and think. Have some forethought. If I do this now, what is it going to mean later? We have to start making choices in our lives that are even though the choice right now might not be the most comfortable thing on our flesh, we know that it will produce a great result later on down the road. So just bite the bullet and discipline yourself. Greatness will cost you something. It's gonna cost you some time, it's gonna cost you some energy, it's gonna cost you some sacrifice, it's gonna cost you some resources, it's gonna cost you some hours of your life, laying down, paying the price, going the extra mile, doing what other people are not willing to do. Greatness is not cheap. Greatness always costs more, that's why there's not many people who achieve greatness, they're not willing to pay the price. That's the kind of attitude you need, that's the attitude of a winner. Is I will do whatever it takes. Don't be a wimpy person who's afraid of everything hard. Do not take the easy way out. You need to train that instinct. Your instinct. Train it to say, get up. Go. Fight on. And if that is what you become, if that becomes your gut instinct, you will overcome just about anything that stands in your path.