When the going gets tough, quitting should never be an option. In every project there's escape hatches. And if you don't bolt them closed when the going gets tough, boom, away you go. When you make up your mind to do something, quitting should never be an option. Whatever you want, you gotta be willing to accept whatever comes with it. You don't judge a person by where they stand in times of comfort and convenience, you judge them by where they stand in times of challenge and controversy. Like when you work for something, it gives you a different type of attachment to it. The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender. That's why cats can give up so easy. They ain't got nothing invested. They ain't worked for it, they ain't sacrificed for it. But when a cat work for something, like when a cat been sacrificing for something, well you're gonna have a cold day in hell before you take it from him. Because they value it different. If you're going to quit, quit when you're at your peak. When you're very very successful. But don't quit because you're tired of paying the price. You see, if you pay the price, the reward is gonna be that much sweeter. I'm not retreating. I'm not running. I don't care if you say we're outnumbered. We live by this and we die by this. We don't retreat. Once we hit that wall, we don't quit, we don't give up. We push a switch called will, and we start using our willpower. Yes we're tired, yes the mind is saying give up, yes it's saying quit, but we cannot quit because we realize we have not reached the goal yet. This is not what I dreamed about, this is not what I said I was gonna do, this isn't what I talked about, this is not what it looks like. And then once we get passed that place, we become comfortable with being uncomfortable. We no longer thrive to be in the comfort zone, we no longer place ourselves in positions that make us feel good. Because some of what you want, some of what you're trying to get ain't in the comfort zone. And so if what you want is not in the comfort zone, you've got to come out of the comfort zone to get what you want. Absolutely refuse to quit when you know what you're doing, what you're studying, the price you're paying is going to pay enormous dividends in the long run. Remember, 3% of the population earn 97% of all the money that's being earned. It's not an accident. It's not that they're that bright, some of them aren't. They've learned to pay the price and they always earn the reward. It's got nothing to do with being smart, it's got nothing to do with being better, it has to do with being wise. And if you learn that lesson, and you burn it into your mind, you always come up with results that stick.