No more rationalizing no more reasons no more distractions. I dare you to shut out the world. I dare you to give up everything that is keeping you from your dream. F*ck the clubs. F*ck the partying. F*ck the hanging out and getting drunk. Now is the time to stay focused. If it's gonna happen it's gonna be you that makes it happen. The only motherf*cking thing that beats you is you. The only thing that can stop you is you. And most of y'all are not under covenant. And covenant means me and you, if the company goes out we go down with it. We do not retreat we do not give up we do not surrender. And the reason why most of you are not successful is because every single time stuff not going your way you give up you quit you let go and people feel weakness they fill it. You can feel when somebody is not committed when they're not all in when they're not dedicated. And there's another level you get to when you go all in. Everything is a test. Everything is an opportunity if you allow it to be. You must shrink your focus down to one thing one business one focus at one time and master it and get great at it for an extended period of time. The more you shrink your options in pursuit of your dream the more it'll open them up in your life later. What are the things that are stealing your focus? Who are the people that are stealing your focus? And begin to eliminate these distractions. Get laser focused and obsessed on what you want be starving and hungry to get it be desperate to get it. The combination of desperation and hunger with laser focus over an extended period of time is the formula to be great at something. And the only way you prove to yourself that you really want it is that you no longer hit the snooze button you no longer lose focus when you're studying you no longer take shortcuts you're no longer playing games you are willing to do whatever it takes I'll do whatever it takes to get to that milestone. When you build this mental toughness by looking at every little thing as a test of your will and your ability to do what you say you're going to do your life is going to get better. And the difference between beasts and average people is that average people live from check to check average people don't think about their future they're consumed with the present. You're not going to be the best if you're not intentional and deliberate. You got to be intentional and deliberate. Whether you're making money or not making money you gotta decide that you're gonna do something and you gotta do it every Monday every Tuesday every Wednesday every Thursday the problem with some of you in this room you're not intentional and deliberate. You're a good person and just hope that good stuff is gonna happen to you. You gotta be a morning person afternoon person night person you gotta be when you feel good person when you sick person when you tired person. I'm wired differently. I look at my wife every single day and I say I gotta grind. I gotta grind for my wife. And so I execute for my mom I execute for my grandma I execute for my sister that's why I can't quit and give up even though I get tired just like everybody else. You have to be relentless. You have to never let off the gas never stop, never quit. People who are extremely well accomplished they have the ability to mentally flip that switch to where they don't have a choice but to do the things they need to do. They will talk as if they don't succeed the world is going to f*cking end. Listen to me, this is how you do it first with no money no human resources no building no funding no support the first thing we did was we dream we wrote the dream down we slept the dream we ate the dream we rehearsed the dream we looked at the dream we talked about the dream we slept with the dream we woke up to the dream we wore the dream and now boom it's our reality. You want something? You make up your mind. And yes, it's gonna be hard it's gonna be difficult and you'll get more no's than you do yes but when you hold out things will begin to happen you won't even understand how. And you don't get here by quitting when you tired you get here by quitting when you finish. When you done. You don't stop when you tired you stop when you done. You stop when you've competed when you've executed. Execution is worshiped.