Faith of any kind always comes by hearing. You didn't believe you were dumb until you heard you were dumb. You didn't believe you couldn't learn until you heard somebody say you couldn't learn. Your unbelief is a result of something you heard about yourself. And the more you heard it and rehearsed it and even argued about it and said you didn't believe it every time you face a challenge tell me the truth don't those voices come back up? Every time you hit a low place don't those voices come back up again? And you will never completely be healed or whole until you change the voice inside of your own head. And nobody can do this, but you. The moment you raise your hand and say, I'm going to do something I can guarantee you that somebody's not gonna agree with what you're going to do. Somebody's not gonna be supportive of what you're trying to do. Somebody's going to try to assassinate what you're trying to do. And yet you have to have the commitment and the calling and the tenacity and the character to be able to withstand the onslaught that comes against you in order to proceed toward your destiny and towards your purpose. You've had bad experience after bad experience, after bad experience after bad experience. You tried to talk yourself out of wanting it and talk yourself out of believing tried to fit in with the people around you blend into the scenery just like everybody else to be cool and maybe they'll like you but the problem is there's a burning desire down inside of you, that will not shut up. That will not die. Do I just sit there and settle? No, I don't. I say enough's enough, man and I'm gonna make a change and I'm gonna keep going until I get it. You chase something that you believe you deserve until you get it. And it doesn't matter what happens to you doesn't matter how many times you've been fired doesn't matter how many people don't believe in you you just go until you get it. You gotta believe this for yourself. You gotta believe I can do this. I was created for this. I was called for this. I was curved for this. I was shaped for this. I was meant for this. Wouldn't it be amazing if you believe that? Wouldn't you sleep good tonight if you believe that? Wouldn't you walk around with your head up and your back straight if you believe that? You wouldn't be intimidated by anybody, anywhere, at any time if you just believe that. Say it and actually mean it. Look in the mirror every f*cking day and say, yeah I'm proud of you. I believe in you. You can do anything you want. You are powerful. You say, if it's hard, then do it hard. I won't allow this to stop me. I don't have the option of easy I don't have the option and I don't think you do or any of us do of going around trying to find a dream that's a little dream that doesn't require much responsibility or not too stressful or won't be too much of a hassle. No, no, no. All you need to do to get out in the arena of life is to say it's possible. In spite of the no's just maybe this next call might do it. It's possible this next job interview this might be the one. I can do this. "Why'd you get up out the bed this morning?" 'Cause this might be the day. "Why did you put in another application?" 'Cause this might be the day. I can't stay home today this might be the day. I can't give up right now this might be the day. I can't slide back now this might be the day. Every voice that said you'll never be nothing you gotta call it out you're a liar. Every time something whispers in your ear and says you can't make it through this you can't take this you're gonna have a nervous breakdown you're gonna lose your mind you're gonna die like your mama did you're gonna get sick like your daddy did you gotta talk back to those voices and say hey you're a liar. You're lying on me. I'm better than this. You need to abort every voice that said you can't do it you can't have it you can't be it you'll never get up you'll never survive abort that thing push it out. I got to get out of here. Even if I have to fight my way out I've got to get out. I've got too much vision to stay in this rut. Every day you wake up you gotta start with that vision. You're gonna get up you're gonna get dressed you're gonna get out and you're gonna do what you've been called to do. And you're gonna prove to everybody that tried to break you everybody that tried to stop you everybody that tried to kill your dream you're gonna prove all of them wrong.