You can experience enough pain in life you can experience enough disappointment in life that it can clobber you to the ground and kick dirt in your face and you believe you can't do it. You believe that this is it for you. No it's not. So many people out there fail not because they don't have the ability it's because they don't have the heart to go through adversity. The question is can you manage your conflict and still seize your destiny? Because if you're waiting for it to end you will never get anywhere. But most people spend their life not wanting to deal with the pain of rejection. The pain of defeat. The pain of being disappointed. The pain of losing. The pain of failure. The pain of being criticized. The pain of not being liked. The pain, the pain, the pain that's called life. Life is full of pain. There's no gain without pain. Now, if you're gonna hurt anyhow get some yardage out of it. Get something from it. You're already in pain use it do something with it. Allow it to take you to the next level allow your pain to push you to greatness. You're gonna have people that do things to you things are going to happen to you and you got to clear your mind of all the unnecessary luggage and baggage that's weighing us down and let it go. Your life depends on it. Your future depends on it. Your destiny depends on it your miracle depends on it. Everything depends on your ability to let it go. If you hold on to stuff you choke. If you release stuff you can keep breathing. Life is gonna hand you something every day. Take in what you can get out of it let go of what you can't get out of it but don't let anybody hurt you so bad that you choke. Life's gonna whip your butt life is gonna bully you stop whining stop crying nobody cares be demanding. Let it hit you. But don't let it punk you. This is not an opposition this is an opportunity. I don't care if you've been beaten to the floor if your legs are too tired to lift that weight break through that barrier and create new ones for you and for others to show off. Get back up and live life. Whoever stays down is a loser. And winners will fail and get up fail and get up you always get up that is a winner. It's the guy that's willing to get knocked down find the intestinal fortitude, stand back up stand back up the perseverance to see it through. The never-say-die attitude. If I don't in, I showed up I gave my valid effort. And tomorrow I'll do the same thing. And I'll continue to throw sh*t against the wall. Every time I get knocked down I will get back up and I will succeed. I will not surrender. The moments that take your breath away are the ones that count. You need the downs to make the ups you need the ups to create the downs. You need to feel the opposites to truly understand the full reality of the life you are living. You can dream of these things but understand you can also achieve them. You got to make it happen or it's not gonna happen you got to get up off your hind parts and bust a move or nothing is gonna happen in your life.