A few of you know what it is to have something to so scald you so burn you so beat you so pulverize you that your fight goes out of you. And you are so scattered and so broken and so fragmented that you don't even know whether you could ever live again or whether you will ever smile again or whether you will ever live to fight another day or whether you'll be able to pull yourself together just to fake a smile for a few minutes in front of people to say I'm doing okay knowing you're lying on the inside. I'm talking about going through so much that something inside of you dies. And you wonder, can I get back up again? In that moment when life comes at you the f*cking hardest you will panic and you will forget who the f*ck you are. Success will taste stressful because your opportunities come wrapped in opposition. Opportunity comes in chaos. It is good to be uncomfortable. I've never met anybody who was terribly creative or gifted or strong in leadership who was also comfortable. Those exceptional people who are uncomfortable with the times and rise to the challenge because they refuse to allow the chaos around them to determine the conqueror within them. People who resist the tow to go down and stand fiercely in spite of opposition and say I'm going to do it anyway. I don't care what it is I don't care how many times you've had to cry yourself to sleep I don't care how difficult it is don't you dare give up now. Because whatever is over you, defines you and whatever defines you limits you. You better put some strength in your back plant your feet square your shoulders and stand up to it. Don't you dare sit down. Don't you dare crumble under the weight of it. Don't you dare give in because of the nature of it. Don't you dare go home and raise the white flag of surrender. This is not your season to die. This is not your season to quit. There's joy there's peace there's breakthrough but you'll never see it if you don't stand up to it. I'm not trying to veer to the left or veer to the right or gradually get it together. I'm getting ready to do something so radical and so massive I'm gonna turn the whole thing 180 degrees. And when that thing tells you to quit you look at it in its eye and say I ain't going nowhere. I will bring you before you break me. I will break you. You will not defeat me. You will not destroy me. You can't take me. You will not break me. You will not stop me. You will not defeat me. The only way I lose is if I quit it's going to be a dogfight. You can contain it for a while but you cannot stop this. You can't stop it. You've been through so much hell you gonna quit now? Don't cry to give up cry to keep going. Sometimes in life you have to hit back. Allow your pain to push you to greatness. I've been broken so much I've been defeated so much I've been disappointed so much in my life that I know what it feels like and I can handle it. And when you get to success it's not about skill when you get to a certain level of success it's about stamina. Are you hearing what I'm telling you? Once you get to that point you cannot be broken anymore. Go get your doggone stuff. And don't let nobody tell you no. Don't run from the chaos. Stand still and let the chaos run from you.