Nobody is void of a pit at some moment. Just because you're in a pit does not mean it's over. You keep standing. No matter how rough the sea you keep standing. No matter what, you don't give up. 'Cause I gotta keep moving. Even though everything in me wants to just lay down and quit. You can't read somebody else's book about some theory on how to do sh*t some guy who sat up in a nice warm office and wrote some book with a nice cup of coffee in the f*cking hand no I wanna see that guy who immersed himself in f*cking hell. And he thought about quitting and leaving and his wife and his kids and why am I here? Is it worth it? All this crazy sh*t and found out a way to get through it. Because in the worst of f*cking times you are alone. You must get your f*cking self out of the f*cking sewer. No one's coming in that f*cking sewer to get you. It's your brain. You are the only person that can pull yourself out. It's those people who are able to control that feeling of flight and say, nah motherf*cker there's a way through this. There's always a way. Where there's a will there's a way. For every situation you confront there is a strategy that will bring you out. The only thing that's gonna make you happy is to step up. It's to raise the standard it's to discover what you're capable of and feel that incredible power of pushing through whatever's holding you back and get to the other side of more of your true self. I don't care if you have to inch your way day by day and it hurts and nobody can see what you're really going through if you don't quit the pit will become your platform. I'm telling somebody right now your lowest moment will be the place of your greatest testimony. You got more than you think. You can do more than you think. You can go further than you think. You can have more than you think. And stop blaming somebody else over what you don't have. It's time for you to know what you got in your hand. If you take a minute and look at your life every time you're about to step into new territory all hell breaks loose and sends a storm to stop you from getting there. The situation that you're dealing with right now will come to pass. It will come to pass. It came to pass. Get over it. Don't worry about it. Don't build a house in it it will not last. You will still be standing there telling your children I remember the time I thought I was going to die but some kind of way we made it out of that. This will come to pass. When you step into your fears and continue to push yourself to go on it will enable you to transcend yourself. I lost a lot of stuff I lost a lot of friends I lost a lot of strength I lost a lot of time I lost a lot of money but I was still believing. Down on my knees I was still believing broke, I was believing lonely, I was believing betrayed, I was still believing. You gotta toughen up and you gottta stand still and you gottta gird up the loins of your mind and you gottta take a defensive stand against the enemy against the spirit of give up against the spirit of human reasoning and you gottta stand there and protect and preserve your heart and those unborn things that are inside of your spirit. You gotta fight to protect them.