This video is for all of the crazy people, the irrationals. For anybody who doesn't wanna just live an average life. In order to craft a life that you love more than the life you have today, you have to start being a little irrational. George Bernard Shaw said, "Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves. All progress therefore depends on unreasonable people." So you have 2 options right now. You can either be one of life's reasonable people, or you can be someone who's slightly unreasonable. Somebody who demands more from life. You can be world class, you can fit in with the world, you don't get to do both. This is where you got to develop the interior core where it doesn't matter if people call you crazy. One of thing limiting you from your income, your impact, a world class life, you care too much about what people think about you. It served us thousands of years ago. We wanted to fit into the crowd, because if we left the crowd, we would die starvation or we would be eaten by sabertooth tigers. Now we're in the modern age, and we are frightened, we are terrified if we leave the crowd. But you can be a titan, or you can be average, you can't do both, and part of being at world class, you've gotta really do the prayer, meditation, journalling, affirmation, declarations, and be around people who really don't care that much about what people think of them. One thing I've learned, is everyone has an opinion. Why let the opinions of other people deny you from a life that will make history? You must get in touch with the sensation in your body that leads you to do things that are right for you. It is absolutely essential to go and do the most dangerous thing possible which is follow your heart. Trust your instinct, trust your intuition, and forget about success. Forget about winning in the world, forget about stacking, forget about gaining and getting and amassing more wealth. These things will come. And they will come properly, they will feel good, it will be smooth when they come, if and only if you're on the right path. On your road. If you don't know what your path is, if you don't know what feels good, if you don't have inspiration dragging you down a path, then you must experiment. Go with the hunches, go with the feelings. Go with the nontraditional path. The road less travelled. Go where you can be a pioneer, do something new. Do something revolutionary. Be a leader. You gotta get out of the square, you gotta color outside the lines, you gotta break outside the box. And in that freedom, you now can explore. Be a wild man. Make crazy decisions. But make them grounded in your heart. You're a gift. Every single one of us is a gift. How are you going to exercise and share your gift?