I got tired of losing. I got tired of coming up short. I got tired. I got tired of eating out of trash cans. I got tired of watching everybody else graduate. I got tired of seeing people ride first class and I gotta go all the way to the back. I got tired. I hate it as much as you hate it. But the problem is I want it more than you want it. I got tired of giving 70 and 80% and not living the way I wanted to live. I see other people winning and I'm not winning and I wanna be a winner and I'm tired. And I got tired y'all, so I did something about it. I woke up every day and started grinding, I was tired. You gotta get tired of losing. And what I discovered was that you don't have to be born in a certain family, you don't have to have a certain social economic status, it only takes one thing to get what you see other people have that you want and it's called effort. You out of place. You don't belong there. You are royal priesthood. You don't belong at the bottom and it's time for you to get your butt from down there. It's time for you to stop being comfortable at the bottom, get your butt up and get to where you're supposed to be. Get your butt up. You are royal priesthood. Get where you belong, do what you're supposed to do, live like you're supposed to live. You are an embarrassment to the kingdom. You are royal priesthood, act like it. You gotta get this beast mode. You gotta embody beast mode. Everything about you has to say, I ain't playing. If it's to have, I'm gonna get it. And I ain't leaving none of it behind. It's mine. Stop thinking, worrying, looking over your shoulder, hoping for some easy way out and just do. How desperate are you for what you want? Do you want it as bad as breathing? Do you want it as bad as anything you've ever wanted in your life? And if you calibrate it at the highest enough levels what I found is the people who are the hungriest, they find a way. When you're desperate, you find reserves and reservoirs of ideas, talents and a strength that you don't know you have when you find yourself in a desperate situation. Even if you get knocked down, get back up and you get back up, and you get back up and you continue to throw sh*t against the wall. Because you believe in the purpose, you find value in it. That was Michael Jordan. He said I failed over and over and over and over again I failed. And that's why I succeeded. And so I need you to walk out there, no more 50%. No more. No more 50%, no more. No more 70%, no more. I want us at 85 and climbing. If you're at 80, I want you at 90 and I mean moving rapidly. And I need you to give me that 120, I need you to give me that everything you do. I need you to start giving me that 120 in everything you do. Bring it all together, bring all the energy, all the passion, bring it all together and dominate.