I hate when people give 70% but they want the life of someone giving 120%. I challenge you, your life is where it is because of the percentage you're giving. You cannot bring a tree down by hitting it 1,000 times. If you hit a tree 1,000 times in 1,000 different spots, the tree is not gonna fall. But if you hit a tree a 1,000 times in that same exact spot, she gonna come to the ground. Your problem is you did hit it about 1,000 times but in 1,000 different places. I need you to do me a huge favor, stop trying to be deep. I need you to do the exact same thing every single day for the next 10, 15, 20 years and watch that tree come down. And watch you go from 0 to a multimillion-dollar company. To working with the top NBA teams, doing commercials, nothing's changed guys, I'm doing the exact same thing I was doing 20 years ago, I just keep doing it. And your problem is you're not intentional and deliberate. You wake up on Monday and you might be strong, but by Wednesday... Are you hearing what I'm telling you? You're not intentional and deliberate, you are hoping that the best is gonna happen to you, and the best never happens to you. You gotta be intentional and deliberate. Whether you're making money or not making money, you gotta decide that you're gonna do something and you gotta do it every Monday, every Tuesday, every Wednesday, every Thursday. The problem with some of you in this room, you're not intentional and deliberate. You're a good person and just hope that good stuff is gonna happen to you. There's only 2 ways you can be, you can be the person who learns a little bit, who does a little bit, and then who decides that this really isn't for them and moves onto something else and repeats that cycle over and over and over again, or you can be the person who's committed. You can be the person who says this is going to f*cking work no matter what happens, no matter how frustrated I get, no matter how angry I get, no matter what happens in the world, no matter what, I am f*cking doing this. Those are the people that are gonna win. Anybody can go one to two downs. Anybody can go three downs. But it's very seldom that you find a cat, when he's standing in that tunnel, until there's 4 zeros on that clock, he's gonna give you everything... That's a man to me. It's a big difference between a hard worker and somebody that works hard. Most cats are somebody that works hard. If a situation and a circumstance is what they want it to be, they gonna come out and they gonna act accordingly and they gonna give you everything they got. But a hard worker, regardless of situation, regardless of circumstance, regardless of what happened, I'mma show up, and I'm gonna give everything I got to it because I'm working for something that's totally different. The question becomes this, can you be committed to the process of what you're doing without being emotionally attached to the results of what you're doing? I'm talking about grit. I'm talking about endurance. Just having more stamina than they got. In order to get to the next level, you gotta sacrifice, you gotta take risks. You gotta be willing to do by faith whatever you're asked to do. Listen to me, there are no shortcuts to success. There are no discounts to success. It's always sweat, it's always blood, it's always tears. You always have to give all to be the best. Yes it's hard. But I ask for it. And I'll do whatever it takes to maintain it. It is not easy, but I'm not about to quit, I'm not about to give up.