There are 2 ways to be successful. And I don't subscribe to the 1st one and that's just natural talent. I just don't believe people who are naturally talented are better than me. I believe effort, and you've heard me say it, your mama might come from privilege, your daddy might come from privilege, your daddy might own a company, you might have a father that can give you everything your little heart desires, but you will not outwork me. Why? Because I realize that the bigger the dream, the more effort you're gonna have to put in. I'm saying there's some of you in this room, you might have small beginnings. You might not have a lot of money, you might not have a lot of resources. And I need you to understand that the bigger your dream is, the earlier you're gonna have to get up. The longer you're gonna have to stay up. I'm talking about concrete commitment. I'm talking about the commitment that says I am going to stay true to what I said I would do long after the mood that I said it in has left. Because I think we all know in this room, character is not something that we inherit, character is something we gotta wake up every day, we gotta fight and we gotta build it. You gotta begin with the end in mind. So whatever your dream or your goal is, you gotta wake up every day to it. You gotta go to bed with it. You gotta read stuff. The music you listen to. Everything you do gotta pour into that dream. I understand it is in the process that you get better. it is in the process that don't nobody know your name and 5 years later, you one of the best in the world. Why? The process. I don't get up at 3 o'clock in the morning because I'm broke, then why do you get up at 3 o'clock in the morning? 'Cause I ain't finished yet. I am not phenomenally skilled, but I'm phenomenally willed. My IQ may never change, but my will changes every year. I get stronger and stronger and more determined, why? 'Cause it's in my DNA. I make the decisions every single day to be successful or to be a failure. We not dealing with chance no more baby. This all choice. If you are not that talented you can beat them with time. You can get to the spot before they get to the spot. Get your butt up and get there. Get up. Act like you playing basketball, act like you playing football. Compete. That's what bothers me, many of y'all are not competing. I need effort, compete. Act like you playing football, go in that doggone classroom, compete. Many of you have lost your competitive edge. Get your competitive edge back. I'm not against no other motivational speaker, I'm just competitive. When you dedicate your life, you don't care anything about the odds. When the dream is big enough the odds don't matter. When you're working, you have a wall to break through. A friend of mine who runs a marathon, and he says when he's running the 26-mile marathon, he said let’s say that hypothetically that 18th mile is the wall. He said, Les, when you get there and you’re running, he says, everything in you is telling you to stop, to give up. Every muscle is aching. And you’re saying to yourself I can’t do it. I can’t do it. And you just keep on, and you keep on, and you keep on. It seems like you’re moving at slow motion. And then eventually when you break through that 18-mile wall then you know it’s like done and you’re on automatic and you glide on in. And you know it’s there. You know you’re gonna get to the finish line. And we’ve all had experiences where we were working on something and we knew it was possible, and we did those things that were necessary to bring it into reality. We took the responsibility to make it happen. Other people couldn’t see it. Lot of people didn’t believe it. You were attacked, you were criticized, people were opposing you. But you kept on doing it. It was hard, it was rough, it was difficult but to you it was worth it. And eventually you got to a level you know can't nothing stop me now. I’m on the move. I’m on the move.