The greats do things when they don't always want to. And I think that's what separates good from great. They're days you're not gonna wanna do it, sure, and everybody has those days. But it's what you do on those days that help you move forward. The work ethic is the number one variable. You know zero people on earth that've been really successful that haven't put in the work. Zero. If mommy and daddy gave them a crap load of money, cool. But anybody whose ever earned it, put in the work. If it was easy, everybody would be doing it. There are always gonna be ups and downs, but I think it's really how you get back on your house and keep going forward. And never give up. They have to work for it, yeah, it's not gonna be easy, but if you want it bad enough, they'll do whatever it takes to get there. It's a one person game, and here's that game. Do you think that somebody owes you something, or don't you? If you think somebody owes you something, then you get lazy and you're entitled, and you're f*cking weak, and you're f*cking soft, and you're gonna lose. If you think that nobody owes you anything, then you get to work. Dreams require sacrifices. You don't get to the 1% land, you don't get to that unbelievable place of happiness, you don't get to live your dream, you're not entitled to your dream. You have to f*cking bleed for your f*cking dream. There is no soccer game on Saturday, there's no Sunday dinner with the family, you're working. Don't do it if you don't have the stamina to get kicked around and driven into the ground and get up and do it again and beaten up by people that tell you this is not kumbaya stuff, this is hardcore stuff. Life ain't about medals, ain't about f*cking certificates, it ain't about houses, money, cars, fame, all that bullsh*t. It's about scars. So when you get judged, when everything is said and done with, you won't get judged on your medals, you get judged on your scars, those scars show your willingness to get to the other side. They show your failures. They show your willingness to start from scratch. They show what you're willing to do to go the distance. To see what you're capable of. I'm number one because I have an insatiable desire to get better, to learn, to improve, to stay on top of my game. You cannot get to a level and quit. You gotta keep studying, studying, studying. Find a routine, make the adjustments, put in the time, hone your craft, honour your craft, and then boom, you're gonna wake up one day a master.