Far too may of you worry way too much about other people and not enough about your f*cking selves. You know how you get good at business? You worry about your own f*cking sh*t. You know how you get good at your job? You worry about your own f*cking sh*t. You know how you get in good shape? You don't worry about how many reps the other motherf*cker in the gym is doing, you worry about how many reps you're f*cking doing. If you're gonna run a business, do you think I sit in the f*cking back room and talk to my key guys about what everybody else is doing? No. I don't f*cking care. I don't care what anybody else is doing. I care what we're doing. I care if we're making the calls, I care if we're providing value, I care if we're making the best products. I don't give a f*ck if anybody else is doing that. I care if we're doing that. And you know what? That's how you become a leader. That's how you become the industry leader. Because you're not following anybody else's lead, you're innovating a unique path of your own. When you spend your energy focusing on what other people are doing instead of executing on your own opportunities, you are setting yourself up to fail time and time again. And this goes against what society is, right? Society is all about gossip, it's all about talk, it's all about who's doing what, and it's never about worrying about what you're doing. Go to a f*cking bar, what's everybody talk about? What their company's doing, what their boss is doing, what their co-workers are doing, what their aunt's doing, what their mom's doing, what their dad's doing. Nobody f*cking cares and it doesn't f*cking matter. That's why you don't see successful people hanging out with people like that. Because they worry about their own sh*t, they worry about their own actions, they worry about what they execute on and they worry about how they can get better at it. You should be grinding and you're looking at the score. The score is what it is, the score ain't about to change 'cause you looked at it. Keep playing the game. Keep grinding. Keep working. And that other stuff will take care of itself. And let me tell you something, I don't know if I'm number one or not and I won't know, I won't go look at that list, why? 'Cause I'm too busy grinding. And some of you should be busy practicing and you staring at yourself in the mirror. And many of you cannot get to your level of success, you cannot get to dominance, because you are worried about everything that is coming in your ear guys. You gotta learn to kill the noise. Who cares what they say? Dominance. Who cares what they think? Dominance. Listen to me, Nothing succeeds like success. You wanna kill your haters? You wanna shut them down? You wanna kill the noise? Nothing succeeds like success. And I'm telling you, if you can learn to kill the noise and dominate your space, your lane, stay in your lane and dominate your lane, I'm telling you, not only will you compete, not only will you dominate, but you my friend will leave a dynasty. I dare you to dominate. I challenge you to find your space. Stay in your space and create something in your space that has never been created before. Control your lane. I dare you to believe in your uniqueness. I dare you to believe in you. I dare you to stand up for yourself. I date you to dominate your space, your world, and to leave a legacy.