There's a lot said in our self-help culture about starting things. You have a business that you wanna start? Yeah you should absolutely go and start that. You have a project that you've been thinking about for a while? Go start. There's this whole idea that if you can just get yourself to start, you know, starting's the hardest thing, you gotta get into it, go for it, do it, stop talking about it, start. The problem is, if people are bad at starting, they're even worse at finishing things. They take all of this enjoyment from starting, forgetting that there is untold enjoyment in finishing. The satisfaction of getting something done, of feeling like you have a completed project, or getting to the end of it and being able to put that stamp that says, I'm done, I finished, I don't need to look at this again, it's done. There is so much enjoyment that we can take from that that we do not get when we half-heartedly move from one project to the next, as soon as one gets difficult or lacks interest, we move onto the next one. Are you interested in achieving these goals, or are you committed? If you're interested, you'll do what's convenient. You'll come up with stories and excuses and reasons why you can't. But if you're committed, you will do whatever it takes. You'll let go of your stories, you'll let go of your excuses, you'll let go of all the reasons you currently have that are formulating your identity of yourself, and you'll learn how to let that go, and become who you are destined to become. You can't just say you want it. You can't watch the video and say, I want it as bad as I wanna breathe, it's cute to say it. But when it's showtime, when the sun comes up, you got all the books, you got all the tapes, you got all the access, now it's time to hunt. And what separates you from everybody else, is that when it's time to hunt, you ready to hunt. Motivation gets you going, grounded action, discipline, commitment, strong habits is what gets things done. Write down 1 or 2 things that you're going to commit to doing every single day, no matter what. You're gonna use that motivation to become a machine. Every single day, no matter what. You don't think about it. When you have built a habit, it's ingrained in your nervous system in such a way that the brain doesn't even have to consider whether or not it'll get done, it just gets done. Because you committed. Commit once to the thing that you're going to do, and then you do it every single day. That is what transforms you. It's not the grand visions, it's the tiny actions that move towards a worthy ideal. The good feelings in your body is an indication that there's something that you want. Now you get to work by doing it every single day.