The sun doesn't shine every day.
The storms
will come.
There are times when the nights will be long
and dark
and you will be alone.
There will be times
when the darkness seems to consume everything.
But don't let it consume you.
you're barely making any progress.
you're barely making any progress at all.
And that tough situation
is making you
wanna stop.
And what you eventually learn is
you can't stop.
When you're going through tough situations,
you gotta take that next step.
You gotta keep moving forward.
And I know
we're going through a pretty tough situation right now
in a lot of different ways.
Take that next step.
Keep moving forward.
The only way to
overcome the challenges that you face
is to start walking.
Every day,
get up,
take that step
and start walking.
Even in the darkest times,
even in the strongest storms,
even when the sun is blotted out
and the world is falling apart,
the darkness cannot extinguish
your light.
Your will.
Your determination.
No matter what is happening,
no matter how hard the fight is,
as long as you keep fighting,
you win.
Only surrender is defeat,
only quitting is the end.
Because the darkness only wins if you've let it.
Do not
let the darkness win,
Fight on.
to fight against the darkness
is to win.
So fight
life is full of pain.
it's everywhere.
the pain of defeat,
the pain of being disappointed,
the pain of losing,
the pain of failure,
the pain of criticized,
the pain of not being liked,
the pain, the pain, the pain.
That's called life.
But guess what?
There's no gain
without pain.
There's gonna be things that go on that are out of your control.
The worst thing you can do
is let something that's out of your control,
control you.
Get control of yourself, get control of your emotions.
Don't get angry, don't get frustrated.
stay calm,
and figure out how to move forward.
You are closer than what you think.
You close,
and the devil has told you
just get a divorce.
You close, hold on.
You close.
You 'bout to drop out? You've gone too far now,
you ain't got but 2 credits,
hold on.
You are 3 kids in,
you can't quit now,
hold on.
"But this my 6th time taking it."
You gonna pass on the 7th.
Hold on.
but you better get something from all that hell you been through.
I'm talking to somebody.
You ought to get excited.
You are 100 yards away.
You are 100 yards away.
You can see it in the distance.
You can see it in the distance.
You close boo, don't give up now.
You close my brother, hold on.
I don't need you thinking about it no more,
you're doing too much thinking, you're analyzing too much.
You talking yourself out of it.
"Aw E, I don't know if this gonna work.
I tried and it didn't work."
I just need you to keep moving.
I need you to make up in your mind
that the only way you can lose is if you quit
and I just need you to keep going.
Don't allow that inner doubt in you
to tell you why you're not good enough.
You ignore that inner voice
and all of the external voices.
Don't judge the possibilities for what you can do
based upon the circumstances.
Because the circumstances won't determine who you are.
Doesn't matter how many mistakes you've made.
Doesn't matter how much money you've lost.
In fact, I see it only as an investment
of what you learn from life.
You don't stop when you tired, you stop when you done.
You stop when you competed, when you executed.
This where you start separating
the successful from the unsuccessful.
Just because it says trial on the package
or tribulation on the package
or pain on the package,
it don't mean it ain't a blessing inside.
And most of you turn around when you see pain,
but those of us who have the right perspective,
we approach it when it say pain.
When we see trial,
we don't give up or give in,
we know the blessing is on the inside.
We don't give up,
we don't surrender,
we don't quit,
we see differently,
our perspective is different.
And because our perspective is different,
our outcomes are different,
our rewards are different.