Every decision that you make has consequences. Are you making yourself better or are you making yourself worse? Are you moving forward or are you moving back? Are you making progress or are you stagnating? Every little decision you make counts. There are no shortcuts, there are no hacks. If you wanna take the easy road, I promise you it's longer and more painful than the hard road. If you set out and you say you gonna do something, do yourself a favor and don't lie to yourself. Because that is the worst thing that a individual can ever do. You think you're lying to your peers, you think you're lying to your mother, you think you're lying to your teacher, you think you're lying to your coach, at the end of the day when you look in the mirror, you lying to you. In 10 years from now, nobody can do anything for you, that's gonna be the life that you created, not anybody else. You make your bed, you gotta lay in it. Let other people blame their parents, their boss or the system. Let weaker people complain that the world isn't fair. You are the leader of your life. Choose the hard path. The path of responsibility, hard work and sacrifice. The path of discipline, humility and ownership, that ultimately leads to freedom. Make discipline part of your daily life and your daily life will get better. It's learning to discipline this mind. It's a muscle. The mind is a muscle, emotion is a muscle. I don't negotiate with myself. "Well maybe I'll do it tomorrow, I'm gonna do this, or let me wait 2 more minutes until I'm ready." There's none of that sh*t with me. For decades I go, I say, we do. I'm not here to discuss this sh*t with my mind. There's mind and then there's soul and spirit, and soul and spirit, my soul f*cking knows, and when I say jump, you f*cking jump. I'm not here to have a discussion with you. But you have to take control and train this brain. If you don't train this brain, it'll use you instead of you using it. Instead of letting your goals and your tasks, and your health, and your discipline waver, rise up and aggressively move forward down the path toward victory. You have no business being average, but now you've justified it. You've come up with these great reasons why you can't get up at 5. You have these great reasons of why you half do everything, why you don't execute, why you don't finish, why you don't follow through, why you say you'll exercise, and you do it for about 10 days and you quit. You've got an excuse for why you're average. I guarantee you if you were humble enough, if you were hungry enough, if you really wanted what you said, you'd sit down and you'd study what you do, and you would say, I can do this better. That I have not exhausted all my time, I have not exhausted all my resources, there's something missing. You're not where you're supposed to be, it's not gonna take a lot, but it's a small gap. And the gap is called execution. If you were to execute just a little bit more you'd be on a whole other level. And I'm telling you, you are not where you wanna be financially, you are not the person you wanna be, and you have not given yourself enough credit to say, I just need to get up a half hour earlier and my whole life will change. I just need to get up 1 hour earlier, I just need to work 1 hour longer. I need to stop hitting that snooze button. And if you were to make that one change, that one sacrifice, you would stop dreaming and start living it.