You meet somebody wealthy, their family at one point was not wealthy. And then the one shows up. The one. One person changes the family tree forever, in my family, I'm the one. And it wasn't 'cause I wanted it or I hoped for it, I fought for it. I wanna win. I wanna fight for my family, I want my mom and dad proud of me. I want my kids proud of me. I want me proud of me. I wanna look in the mirror and be happy with the man I look back at. That he gave it everything, that he went for it. But here's the truth, most people's dreams can be bought. With enough failure, with enough rejection they will sell their dreams. They can't still fight. They can get a little bit, but when it gets a little too hot, they go boom, sold. Buy the dream. You can have it. It's not worth it to me. And their will to win is buyable. You can buy it. But if you decide my will cannot be bought, I don't care how long it takes, you can't buy this dude out. I'll keep fighting for my family, I'm the one. I'm gonna change my family tree forever. That's the decision. Decide now, are you gonna keep negotiating the price or can you not be bought? Don't give up on yourself. Don't throw the towel in so quickly. Many people give up on the 1 yard line. You know the human spirit is powerful? There's nothing as powerful, it's hard to kill the human spirit. There's greatness in you. And you've got to learn how to tune out the critics outside and the critic inside. And say I'm going to do this, I'm gonna harness my will. And I'm not gonna let anything stop me. I deserve this. Working on yourself, talking to yourself. That's so very important. Overcoming the negative conversation, that inner dialog that's going on all the time. You've got to stand up inside yourself sometimes and say shut up. I'm in control here. You've got to have an uplifted expression, watch your body posture. All of these things affect you psychically. Start working and developing yourself now and prepare yourself for what it is that you want, because you expect to get it. All I need you to do is speak up and say I expect to win. Declare that it's over. That yesterday was the last day that you were a loser. Yesterday was the last day you expected to come up short. When you set out for a goal, expect it to happen. Expect to be successful, expect it to be positive. If you can expect it, if you can wake up feeling like a winner, if you can wake up talking like a winner, if you can expect that everything you do will come out winning, I guarantee you you never ever have to come up short again. It might be a year, 2, 3, 4 before you get your big win, but you could decide now, I'm gonna walk, talk and be a different person. You decide that. You're the lead character in the story of your life. Everything has to do with you intending to win. Too many of you are playing with your business. If you'd make that shift, I'm going to win. We're gonna play to win now. We're not playing to play, we're not playing to see how we do, we're not playing for fun, once you start getting some winning, you start changing. You talk different, you walk different. All of a sudden, this isn't the same damn human being. You can change you. You'd be surprised what a little winning would do. You'd be surprised how good you'd be if you just decide to win. Be number 1 in your office, number 1 in your region. And when you start stacking them up, your life can change.