When no one's around,
and it's just you and your shadow,
and what are you gonna do man?
When everything says quit
what keeps you going?
Life is going to test that will.
Every time.
Life is going to see how bad you want what you say you want.
And it's how we deal with these things in life
that we find out who we are.
These moments of depression when things go wrong,
a girl breaking up with you, getting fired from a job,
losing your money,
these are all lessons.
They're presents in a way.
But it's the perception of how you see that present.
Do you allow it to destroy you
or do you allow it to change you?
And I'm telling you right now,
I know it's hard. I know it's hard.
And we're not gonna sit here and pretend like it's gonna be easy,
I know it's not.
But I'm telling you, the sooner you deal with it,
and the sooner you get past it,
the sooner you can get on with the rest of your life.
I wanna ask you, what are you gonna believe?
Are you gonna believe
in yourself? Are you gonna believe
everybody else's judgement on you?
You see,
I will try 100 times to get up
and if I fail 100 times,
if I fail and I give up,
do you think that I'm ever gonna get up?
But if I fail, I try again,
and again and again,
for as long as I try, there's always that chance of getting up.
And the problem with most of y'all,
every time something go wrong,
you start running and doing what other people tell you to do.
And what you need to learn how to do is,
you walk into your belief system.
Look at your belief system every single day
and stick with it.
Don't rush the process,
trust rush the process.
Don't rush the process,
trust rush the process.
Don't rush the process,
trust rush the process.
Storms happen to all of us.
losers get weak
and give up,
losers surrender,
losers give in,
but winners,
they are fueled by the storm.
Pain actually pushes them to greatness.
They actually love it,
they actually feel it,
they like the pressure.
And if you can grind your way through that hell,
if you can grind your way through that defeat,
if you can grind your way through that pain,
if you can grind your way through it,
I'm telling you,
it's gonna come to pass.
Say it with me, and breathe life
into whatever that thing is.
Whatever your circumstances are,
say with me, I can.
I will.
I will get through this.
I must.
It's gonna rain sometimes,
I can.
You're gonna feel discouraged sometimes,
I will.
No matter what the obstacle,
I must.
I am a winner.
I will not give up,
I will not surrender.
And in the midst of hell,
and in the midst of trials,
and in the midst of tribulations,
I shall rise.
I will not give up
and I will not give in.
I will use the pain
to push me to greatness.
'Cause I am a winner.
And all I do
is rise above it.
All I do
is win.
All I do
is conquer.
I will grind
my way through the disappointments,
I will grind my way through the defeat,
I will grind my way through it,
and I
be victorious.