You got the little voices in your head, and you know what they're saying? They're saying, it's okay. You've done enough. Take a little rest. That's fine. You can take the day off. You don't need to go hard. That what those little voices are saying. But you got another voice in your head that's asking you a question, it's asking you what could you be? What could you be? What could you be if you worked as hard as you could? What could you be if you imposed real discipline in your life? What could you be? I say you crank up the volume on that voice, crank up the volume on that question, max it out. So easy to put things off, so easy to say you're gonna do it tomorrow. Well I want you to reprogram your brain and tell yourself that tomorrow is not a viable option. Tomorrow doesn't work. You do it today, you get it done today. That's what you do. Too tired, too hungry, too sore, too hot, too cold, too whatever. Stop rationalizing, stop making excuses, stop telling yourself little watered down assessments of where you're really at. Tell yourself the truth. Are you making yourself better or are you making yourself worse? Are you moving forward or are you moving back? Are you making progress or are you stagnating? Make the decision, yes or no. Are you going to work out today? Yes or no? Are you going to win? Yes or no? Don't allow for any gray area in there, get rid of the debate. And you know the right decision to make, so go and make it. Hard work works, and you know what's great about our culture y'all? The world's lazy. It's a good thing for you and me. Everybody will talk about it, everybody will post about it, but nobody wants to roll up their sleeves and just go get it. And so what that means for me, I don't have to be the most qualified, I don't have to be the most talented, all I got to begin to do is to apply myself and by default, I'm gonna separate myself from the crowd. If you set out and you say you gonna do something, do yourself a favor and don't lie to yourself. Because that is the worst thing that an individual can ever do. You think you're lying to your peers, you think you're lying to your teacher, you think you're lying to your coach. At the end of the day when you look in the mirror, you lying to you. Because that's your life. You make your bed, you gotta lay in it. You aren't getting any closer to your 5-year plan, or year 3-year plan, or your 7-year plan, or any plan that you've got unless you get up and start getting after it today.