What do you do when your battle chooses you? What do you do when something shows up on your door step that you did not directly cause, choose, or definitely anticipate? Life is not always easy. In fact, some of you today, you're here and you're going through the toughest season of your life. There will be seasons where we will suffer, there will be seasons of real pain. And the question is, how will you respond in those moments? Life is hard sometimes. Easy, it's not an option. But it's worth fighting. It's worth believing. It's worth giving yourself a chance. It's worth mustering yourself up, standing up inside yourself. It's worth fighting relentlessly, never giving up. It's worth it. You can do it. You can do it. There's problems that we go through that cause stress, worry, anxiety and fear, but you might be in the battle of your life, I wanna encourage you, it's not about what's happening around you, it's always about what's happening inside of you. Just because you feel afraid, doesn't mean you have to be afraid. Just because you feel discouraged, doesn't mean you have to be discouraged. Just because you have fear, doesn't mean fear has to have you. The sentence out of your mouth is a story that you are putting out. "I'm not gonna make it." "I quit." "Let's get a divorce." "Business is never coming back." "We've lost too many people." "I've made too many mistakes." "I'm a failure." "Nobody can help me." "I've done too many bad things." I don't know what's coming out of your mouth, but it's a death sentence. And as you continue to confess it, and as you continue to declare it, well don't be surprised when it becomes true in your life. We have to make sure that whenever I feel, when I think a death sentence, I must speak a life sentence. Oh I'm feeling the sentence of death, I'm feeling the thoughts of anxiety, I'm feeling the thoughts that I'm done. I feel like I've been used and it hurts and it's difficult, but when that happens, I start speaking out a life sentence. No, I'm just gonna keep showing up, no, I gonna get back up. The righteous man, he falls 7 times, but he gets back up. Never give up. Never give in. Because skill can't get you past certain things, quickness, agility can't, you gotta have mental toughness. Pain ain't permanent. Your pain ain't permanent. You can get through this. You're bigger than your pain, you're better than that. Come on, you need to remember this is not the first time you cried, this is not the first time you were short of breath, this is not the first time you didn't see a way clear, this is not the first time you were hurt, this is not the first time your heart was broken, this is not the first time you didn't have enough money, this is not the first diagnosis that came up from behind. Say, I'm gonna live to tell the story. This too shall pass, I will remain. I'm not gonna quit. Every one of my burdens, there's blessing on the inside of it. If you don't quit, you will win baby. You gonna work through this. You gonna get up, you gonna get dressed, you gonna get out, and you gonna do what you've been called to do, you gonna be what you've been called to be. And you're gonna prove to everybody that tried to break you, everybody that tried to stop you, everybody that tried to kill your dream, you're gonna prove all of them wrong. Just keep coming back. If you got nothing left to give, just show back up. Half of life man, is just showing up. And I'm telling you right now, don't give up. I'm telling you right now, don't give in, get through it. And if you can get through it, if you can work through your pain, I'm guaranteeing you on the other side is a reward. Pain is not permanent. Pain is temporary.