You will never succeed more than you fail.
That's not how it works.
You know why?
Because failure is a wonderful teacher.
It's the only way to learn.
You have to fail.
Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player in the world,
he took 946 game winning shots.
He has only made 146 of those.
He has missed over 700 times.
But he has made
You know what they write about?
When he make it.
They write about when you make it.
So guess what?
When you get through failing, failing, failing, failing,
all you gotta do is make one.
As a matter of fact, when you fail,
be glad about it.
Every time you fail you one step closer.
So every time you fail say, oh, got that out the way.
Go to the next one.
Failed again? Okay,
I got 2 out the way.
What's gonna happen is if you just keep swinging
You gonna get a hit.
Do not fear failure,
But please be terrified of regret.
As giving up is the birth of regret.
You will receive a hundred doors slammed in your face.
You will have a hundred moments
that will be filled with someone telling you no.
But what I ask of you today
is to not take no for an answer.
Don't be afraid of no's,
be afraid of the possibility
of a yes that you have prematurely destroyed
because you decided to quit before the clock strikes 12.
I love a good no.
Please tell me no.
Tell me no is like adding fuel to a fire
that is now set ablaze because of your single no.
I love additional reasons to work harder,
please give me a reason.
You better go inside.
You still looking outside for the stuff that's already inside.
You still looking for someone
to save you, when you're pretty your superhero.
You looking for some information from somebody
when you already got what you need in your head.
This is time for you to get up and be the best version of you.
I challenge you to challenge yourself.
I challenge you to stop thinking of where you are is enough.
I challenge you to go beyond hurt.
I challenge you to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.
I challenge you.
And the problem with some of you in this room,
you will never be great
because everytime you go through pain,
everytime you go through a problem,
everytime you go through discouragement,
you give up and you quit,
and you do not understand
that at the end of pain
is your millions.
At the end of pain
is your reward.
At the end of pain
is your productivity.
At the end of pain
is your promise.
So do me a favor,
stop crying about it,
and use your energy to get through it.
That's what lions do.
And if you are a true lion,
it does not make a difference what the circumstances is.
Lions don't cry,
lions don't give up,
lions don't quit,
lions hunt.
We turn turn tragedy into triumph.
That's what we do for living.