There comes a day man, everyone's gonna have this day. There comes a day where being average, being mediocre just f*cking burns it sucks so much. You can't deal with it one more day. And you get off your f*cking ass and you create something that's always been there. It's always been inside of you trying to come out. But you've never wanted to unwrap it 'cause it's too much f*cking pain and commitment. You were scared you were gonna fail, you were scared if you started, you'd never finish it, you didn't wanna tell anyone about it, you knew it was there, but you never wanted to embark on it. Until something f*cking hits. You get fired or somebody else gets success, reminds you of what you could've been. And then that f*cking spark is born. And no matter what happens, I'm never gonna be in this boat again. And you get up and you go, even if you get knocked down, you just keep going, keep going, you're a wild man. And life has never been so sweet. It's time to unwrap the potential of what you can be. It's within you. And the people that have risen to that level were no different than any one of us. It's just that they believed it, and they were willing to work their f*cking ass off to get it. And it wasn't about their potential, it wasn't about their genetics, it was about their perseverance, and it was about being the hardest f*cking worker in the room. There is no excuse for not being the hardest worker. Yeah, someone might be bigger, stronger, faster, quicker, whatever else, but there is no excuse to not be the hardest f*cking worker there. And when you believe that you have the ability to do something, that the life that you're living right now is going down this direction and you f*cking hate where it is, there is nothing else to do but to change direction. A belief that I cannot go that way anymore, I gotta go this way. And what do you have to lose? You know the outcome if you continue the same sh*t. Why not just commit one time in your life to something? See what happens. There are no losers in the world of passion and commitment to something. No one loses there. The losers are the people that sit at the starting line and never initiate. Why not believe in it? What's the other option? It's a life forgotten man. In the acting world, if I go to the audition, I have a f*cking chance of getting a part. If I don't go to the audition, I'm out of the game, I know the outcome, nothing. Show up. Even if you get knocked on your ass, show up. At least you have a possibility, you have a chance, you have a voice of doing something with your f*cking life. Believe it within you. 'Cause every motherf*cker that have ever achieved it, had to believe it when everyone else said it wasn't possible, they said it f*cking was. And there they stand, boom, did it b*tch. Your turn. Today we're gonna start it, and everyday we're gonna pay our day's dues. You're not gonna close anymore windows. This day it changes. Everyday forward is a better day. No longer are we gonna accept rhymes and society's rhyme or reason that we are average. Average is a weak mentality. We must believe it so much so that we're arrogant about it. We must be p*ssed off for excellence. It doesn't matter about the past, it's today, what are we doing today? Are we gonna engage now? And once we engage, we commit. Once we engage, it's every f*cking day we engage. 'Cause that's the better life. It's your option though. What are you gonna do?