So many of us, we've gone through life and life has let us down. You can find yourself stressed out. You can find yourself depressed. Mentally fragile because of the experiences, the turbulence that you have gone through. I know what it's like to barely hold on. To barely feel like you're breathing, and barely feel like you can come up for air. When you're down in that hole, look up. Look up and recognize that there is a way out, there is a path for you to take. And it's not an easy path. It takes courage and it's hard. But what is the other choice? What else can we do? Let the darkness completely consume us? Be over taken by temptation and vice? No. Do not accept that. You can triumph over these dark forces, you can become better, you can be better. Growth is faster and deeper during your darkest days. Through that separation, through that unemployment, through that tragedy, through that loss. And maybe you've been knocked down in your life and it seems like hey, the fight is over, it is not over unless you quit. You take those terrible events in your life, and you create a new story of triumph. See, we gotta look our trauma in the face, we gotta embrace the pain and the darkness and allow it to mold us. The dark times are when we build higher, dream harder, push further, love deeper. It's forming your future, it's pushing you forward. When you go through a storm, it strengthens you. When you come through that kind of experience and able to reclaim your life, you come back with a certain kind of power, and you'll never be the same again after that experience. There's certain things, when you go through those things, and you come up out of those things, you come up a different kind of person. Different spirit, different power, different energy. Don't ever say when you're going through some rough time, I'm going through a really bad, tragic time, no. Say, I'm going through a character building experience. That setback is gonna become a comeback. Go through the darkness, come out on the other side something new, and allow that person to change the world.