To anyone out there that's listening, that's started to go down, down in that hole, trapped in the chains of depression, or addiction, or rage. You're going through a tough time. Maybe you're walking through real depression, maybe you are in a valley today that you've experienced the worst failure of your life and you are on the verge of giving up. Maybe you're here today and your marriage is on the rocks, maybe you're here today and you're dealing with anxiety on a daily basis. You know what it's like to be in a lonely, dark place, you know what it's like to want to quit, you know what it's like when the pressure's overwhelming, when people expect your best but you're at your worst. That is a moment of choice. That is a moment of decision. What will your response be? Are you gonna sit back or you gonna step up? Adversity creates the perfect moment for audacity. It's in your adversity, the thing that comes out of you is what defines you. When life is squeezing you and pressure is on you, what's really inside of you? See, there's some people in this room right now that you need to hear this loud and clear, you need to get this in your spirit 'cause I don't know what you're walking through, but some of you right now, you are in a tough season. An event has happened, and something's happened, and maybe you have failed, but I wanna remind you that failure is not final, it's formative. It is part of the process. It's part of the journey. Your failure matters as much as your success. How do you think you're gonna grow if you don't ever fail? Yet, some of you have failed and you have decided, well guess what? I'm a failure. No, failure is an event, it is never a person. Just because you failed doesn't mean that you're a failure, in fact, failure is actually fuel for your future. The way that you grow, the way that you advance, you have to fail in order to succeed. The darker the night, the brighter the morning. This too shall pass, you're gonna get through this thing. You might not be in control of the storm, but you can have the courage to face the storm and say, I'm not gonna back down, I'm not gonna run away, I'mma walk through this thing, because I believe this thing is leading me to another miracle. You see, the fight's not over if you've been knocked down, it's only over if you quit. If you make the decision to get up one more time, I'm telling you, you will win the fight.