Do you know how many people have had visions, ideas, and huge career moves that they were about to make, and they allowed the word "no" to stop them. When you make the decision to do what you wanna do with your life, just know this, because the family and the friends in your life do not share your vision, in most cases, they will be the first person to try and talk you out of what you wanna do with your life. But know this, only those that can see the invisible can do the impossible. People that don't have any dreams for themselves, they tend to be dream killers. They'll laugh at you, they'll call you names, because they have no dreams. They have no hunger for success. They don't have an appetite. They don't want it. Most people go through life holding back. If you get into the habit of just being mediocre, it will become a part of your consciousness. If you get in the habit of giving less than what you have within you to give, It will begin to reflect itself in your personality. It will begin to damage you psychologically. And you don't wanna be a part of that kind of self-destructive behavior. You wanna set some high standards for yourself. There's greatness in you. And you've got to learn how to tune out the critics outside, and the critic inside. And say, I'm going to do this, I'm gonna harness my will. And I'm not gonna let anything stop me. You have to be relentless. You have to never let off the gas, never stop, never quit. Never allow anyone to talk you out of the dream, the vision, the ideas. And understand for every level, there's another devil. It is the devil's job to create challenges, issues and conflicts, insecurities, fear, 'cause he wants to put you to a test. But I can tell you now, I p*ss the devil off everyday. Because I just don't stop. And the devil is so mad. "This f*ckin' guy. Doesn't matter if he gets sick, it doesn't matter what happens to his money or his finances, every time, he gets out of his bed, and he's on a mission to get it done." And as you begin to look at your life, decide that you're gonna start working on that dream, you're gonna work and nurture that idea. Now, there will be people that will criticize you, there will be people that won't see it for you, but I say to you, don't let nobody turn you around. You don't need anybody to understand it, you don't need anybody to approve you. You don't need anybody to say, go ahead on and do it, if you get that, that's fantastic. If you get that encouragement, that's great. But I say stand up within yourself boldly and say, This is my life, I'm controlling my destiny.