There's 86,400 seconds in a day. The separator between me and you and people that win and lose is what we do with those seconds. You wanna win? You wanna be a millionaire? You gotta quit being so casual. You walk slow, you talk slow, you implement things slow, you talk a good game like you're gonna be somebody. Wake up. You're gonna get your ass kicked dude. You gotta get focussed and get in a hurry. The separator is gonna be who takes massive action quickly. And that's why most people never realize their personal greatness, because they're casual about life. And when you're casual about life, you will end up a casualty. You've got to develop a sense of urgency. Start working and developing yourself now and prepare yourself for what it is that you want, because you expect to get it. You meet somebody wealthy, their family at one point was not wealthy. And then the one shows up. The one. One person changes the family tree forever, in my family I'm the one. And it wasn't 'cause I wanted it, or I hoped for it, I fought for it. I wanna win. I wanna fight for my family. I want my mom and dad proud of me. I want my kids proud of me. I want me proud of me. I wanna look in the mirror and be happy with the man I look back at. That he gave it everything, that he went for it. You've got to focus on you. And as you convince you, you will begin to see a difference in the things that you're doing. Selling yourself on your ability to perform on a job, telling yourself everyday, here I go again. This is my day. And nothing out here is going to stop me. Everything has to do with you intending to win. If you'd make that shift, I'm going to win, we're gonna play to win now. We're not playing to play, we're not playing to see how we do, we're not playing for fun, once you decide to win, once you start getting some winning, you start changing. You talk different, you walk different. You can change you. You'd be surprised how good you'd be if you just decide to win. Be number one in your office, number one in your region. And don't get caught up in, well I've tried it 4 or 5 times and things didn't work out. If there's something that you want, and you're hungry for it, you've got to do what is required. Successful people stop negotiating the price in their life. You know what's stripping all your success? You keep negotiating the price you're paying. "Man, all the work I'm putting in, it's not paying off, I don't see my family as much, I gotta do all this." You start negotiating it all the time and it's zapping all your damn energy. Successful people don't negotiate price, they negotiate worth. Could this be worth it to me to pay this? And once you decide it's worth it to win, it's worth it to be somebody, the negotiation stops. It might be a year, 2, 3, 4 before you get your big win, but you could decide now, I'm gonna walk, talk, and be a different person. You decide that, you're the lead character in the story of your life. That's the decision. Decide now, are you gonna keep negotiating the price, or can you not be bought?