So, you hit the snooze button. You caved. I know you just wanna get 5 more minutes of sleep, I know you just wanna get 5 more minutes of sleep, just 5 more minutes. And I'm telling you, no. Do not. Those 5 minutes Those 5 minutes are not worth bowing down to weakness, bowing down to procrastination. Don't do it. Be strong, be powerful. Get aggressive. Get up and get up now. This is where you win, this is the first battle of the day. This victory will establish your mindset for the rest of the day. So do not be weak, do not sleep in, do not falter. Rise up and aggressively move forward down the path toward victory. Every single day when you wake up, you got 2 options, you can look at the clock and hit the snooze, you can look at that snooze button and boom, you can hit the snooze button and go back to bed and dream about what you wanna have. Or you can look at that snooze button, kick that clock and get up and go pursue your dreams. If you're gonna really be successful in life, if you're gonna have it, if you're gonna be it, you're gonna do it, I need you to take personal responsibility. I want you to say, the reason I'm not at amazing yet, because I hit the snooze button. That's why I'm not amazing right now. I'm not amazing 'cause I couldn't get up early enough, 'cause I told myself I'm not an early person. I'm not amazing 'cause I'm lazy. I'm not amazing because I would prefer to make excuses than make adjustments. That's why I'm not amazing. When you cut this off, I want you to go look yourself in the mirror, and I want you to vow to be amazing. I want you to vow that no more excuses, from this day forward, I'm not just gonna be getting pumped up, I'm not just gonna be getting fired up, I'm about to start applying. The difference between people who talk about it and people who do it, is 1 simple word, application, they hear it, and they don't just hear it, they digest it, and when they digest it, boom, they do something with it. It's your dream, if you're going to have it, get your butt up and make it happen. If you're going to have it, rise and grind. You have to eat the dream, you have to sleep the dream, you have to dream the dream. You have to see it when nobody else sees it. You have to feel it when it's not tangible. You have to believe it, when you cannot see it. You gotta be possessed with the dream. Stop making excuses. Stop waiting for somebody to feel sorry for you. Yes it's going to be hard, yes it's going to be difficult, but you can do it.