Some of you have had a marriage fall apart, some of you have been disappointed in a dream, in a desire, in a goal, in an ambition, and things just haven't worked out the way you wanted them to. And you're starting maybe to feel sometimes a little hopeless. "It'll never change. I'll never change. Nothing's ever gonna be any different." And we rationalize with ourselves to where we automatically stop. It's why a bunch of us give up so much in life so quickly. But suppose I told you the greatest pain of my life is the reason I'm standing here today. See, sometimes we think the pain is what controls us, but it's actually our subconscious mind, that if we ever tapped into that, that's what dictates most of our lives. If you don't control pain, it'll control you. See in your life, everybody has a turn back moment. You have a moment where you could go forward or you can give up. But the thing you have to keep in mind before you give up, is that if you give up, the guarantee is it will never happen. That's the guarantee of quitting. That it will never happen, no way under the sun. The only way the possibility remains that it can happen, is if you never give up, no matter what. Nobody dictates your effort. Nobody dictates the things that you overcome, and the things that you find yourself coming out of. There's something about pain that I tell you, most people run from pain, I tell you, I chase pain, 'cause on the other side of pain is glory. I will not go quietly away into the night. I will not give up on my dreams. I will not neutralize my tenacity. I will not give up on my integrity. I will fight everyday. If you knock me down, you're gonna have to do it tomorrow, 'cause I'll get back up again. That means don't let yourself go. That means don't let yourself go down. That means don't give up on yourself. That means get up out the bed in the morning with an agenda. That means keep on moving toward your goal, I don't care how long it takes. If people ask you, how you doing? Even if you're having some difficult times, say I'm blessed and highly favored. Because anytime you wake up and you don't have a white chalk outline around your body, it's a great day. And so I say to you, it's possible you can live your dream, if it's becoming a diamond, if it's having more, if it's achieving more, if it's being a better father, being a better mother, whatever it is, it's possible you can live your dream. It's necessary that you have a plan of action, that you're resilient, that you stick to, and you work with the system, that you have the vision and never give up, that you become creative and relentless, and keep on coming back again and again and again, and that it's you, that you gotta take personal responsibility to make it happen, and that it's hard, easy is not an option, and when life knocks you down, jump back up and say, it's not over until I win.