If you wanna win at anything in life, there's one battle you gotta win first, the battle inside your mind. Real f*cking struggle ain't external sh*t that's all around you, it ain't the test you gotta pass, the race you gotta win, the weight you gotta lift, the business you gotta start, or the bills you gotta pay. The real battle is in your mind. You mind is a f*cking battleground, and the real enemy is after one thing, your mind. It's out to worry you, stress you out, break you down, it's out to make you quit, it's out to make you think you can't get up, make you give up on your dreams. The fight you gotta win is in your mind. It ain't in your job, it ain't in your home, it ain't in the classroom, it ain't in the gym. And if you win the fight for your mind, I'll tell you this, you'll win your job, you'll win at home, you'll win in the classroom, and you'll win in the gym. You gotta remember every single day that all this sh*t around you ain't nothing compared with all the sh*t inside your mind that exists there to make you quit, make you fail. All the doubt, all the stress, all the insecurities, these things exist to make you fail. You can't let them win. If you lose the battle within, then you'll lose anything you do. Get to work. Everyday start training your mind to believe that you can do anything you wanna do and be anyone you wanna be. Stay focused, stay motivated, but most importantly, stay strong. If the enemy within is in check, then the enemy outside can do you no harm. You're gonna make a lot of mistakes, you're gonna have a lot of failures, you're gonna have a lot of struggles, you're gonna feel dumb and ask questions and don't know what to do or where to go. Don't think that all you have to do is think positive and everything is gonna work out hokey dokey for you. You'll experience the storms of life. And that's part of growing, that's part of the experimentation process. When you are going through your process, there is a point in the process that it's going to seem like you're in hell. And how you respond in hell shows who you really are. You will not find toughness in a comfortable environment. The only way you find it is to drown yourself in a position where you're just out of sorts. But you say, you know what man? This sucks, I'm suffering, but I'm not going anywhere. What happens to your mind, it says, he's not leaving. So we gotta expand. We gotta grow. Mental toughness says, not only do I climb that doggone mountain, I enjoy climbing the mountain. I get a kick out the mountain, I get a kick out of fatigue, I get a kick out of the grind, I get a kick out of it. When you're driven, you no longer care what's in front of you. You realize that's just life. It's not gonna be perfect. But that's not going to derail me from what I have to do to get better.