Your victory has defeated you. Some of you, your success has messed you up. You're so successful now you're soft. Your success has not benefited you, you've not grown as a result of being successful, you've lost your bite, you're not hungry anymore, your success is damaging you. You know how many people want the life that you have and you got it? And you're not taking it serious? You know how many people would die to have your life? And you got it. It's your life, you got it, what you gonna do with it? Telling yourself that you don't need to go harder, or you don't need to do more in your job, or be more disciplined in the way that you live, if you tell yourself those things, that's actually a lie. Because you know you can do more, you know you can be more. And that's the truth. That's the truth and it eats you up. When you get content, when you settle, somebody's chasing you, somebody's coming from behind, and somebody's trying to take your spot. And so every single day when you wake up, you gotta set new goals, new benchmarks, you gotta raise it higher and higher and higher, so you can make your dreams become a reality. No complacency. No complacency, no backing off. No slack whatsoever. Fight. If you're a student in school, Try harder, study harder, and focus more. You got this. That athlete that's out there and you're not training how you're supposed to, go 10, 15 minutes harder, 5, 10 more reps. You have to work when no one's watching, you have to train like there is no tomorrow. Day after day after day. You can improve just a little bit everyday. That's the effort you need to be great. That's the sacrifice that you have to put in in order for you to get to the next level that you need to be at. You think I won't make it? Try me. I will stand up to any task any day, anywhere. I've been a failure before, now it's time for me to succeed. I've been without and I'm hungry for success. Am I satisfied? Not by a long shot. And I will not go quietly into the night. I will go kicking and screaming. Every opportunity is the last opportunity. Every opportunity I have to re-prove myself again. Because the day you become content is the day you die. Is the the day the person who's trying to catch you, will catch you.