Your brain is the most powerful weapon in the world. Your brain is the only thing you have when you're going through depression, when you're going through hard times, when you're going through death, real life sh*t. You're alone. There's 24 hours in a day when you're alone in this brain. And your brain is talking to you in all kind of ways, and it wants to control you and pull you in these different pockets. If you can't control your own brain and your brain controls you, you're f*cked. You gotta tell your brain where you wanna go, and how you wanna go, and how you wanna get there. You gotta control it. If not, it's over. And all I knew back then was hard work. The only way anything gets accomplished. I can't get this paragraph, I can't remember what the f*ck's in this paragraph to pass this test to get in the military. Read it again. Still not getting it, read it again. But if you're not getting it, write it out. And that's how I started learning. Okay well I can't, I gotta write out every f*cking thing I do. And then write it out again, and write it out again. And guess what happened, I got it. I got it. I can't swim, I'm negative buoyant. Go back again. Can't swim. Go back again. Go back again. Go back again. I got it. I realized if I keep going back, and going back, and going back, your mind will say, f*ck, okay, we're gonna figure it out. Because he is not going to stop. It's not like, I'm gonna try one more time. No. I gave myself no way out and my mind realized that. They said okay, we're gonna adapt and overcome now. So then your mind starts to get tougher, and tougher. And that's how you get through things. You immerse yourself in whatever it is and you become that. And give yourself no way out. You must train your god damn brain. Believe it, speak it, really really f*cking believe it. That is the difference. Get your brain in shape. Put your brain through the paces. Rid your fatass brain of fear, doubt, self loathing, intimidation, get rid of it. Don't you let another mothf*cker put his or her limitations on you. Nobody can't tell you what the f*ck you can't do but you. You are the only one who can determine whether you can or can't do something. Decide for your f*cking self what is your limitation. Try it you son of a b*tch. Try it for your f*cking self. Then that is the only way to know if you can or can't do something.